How to Cut Your Expenses in Half and Still Live a Comfortable Lifestyle

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As you strive to keep up with the vibrancy and dynamism of the Singapore workplace to sustain your daily needs, being intentional with your budget is crucial. Cutting your expenses in half while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle is achievable. Here are some hacks to help you save money and reduce your expenses.


At the onset of the pandemic, I started learning how to cook. Eating out can be costly, and making my meals at home helped me to be conscious of my spending and what I put in my body.

You can create a weekly meal plan using the ingredients you already have and make a shopping list of any missing items. Shopping online can also help you reduce costs through store vouchers and occasional sales. Opting to include more veggies in your meals can also lower your food costs.


When shopping for groceries and other essentials, keep an eye out for deals and promotions to save money. You can also consider buying toiletries in bulk to reduce costs.

Additionally, you can explore shopping at local markets instead of big chain supermarkets. Local wet/dry markets offer a greater variety of options and provide an opportunity to haggle for the best prices. Gain freedom of choice while sticking to your budget!

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Singapore offers a wealth of free or low-cost entertainment options, such as museums, festivals, and parks. Take advantage of these options instead of costly activities like shopping or hotel hopping.

Furthermore, review your monthly expenses to see if there are areas where you can cut back. For example, you could cancel your cable TV subscription and retain your Netflix subscription only.


With a reliable public transport system that continues to expand, you can easily ride buses and trains on a regular basis. Consider using public transportation instead of owning a car, which can be subject to high taxes and fees.

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Not to mention, you would also have to maintain the vehicle’s condition and regularly purchase petrol.


Don’t let your dinner leftovers meet a moldy end in the back of your fridge. Forgetting about them wastes both money and food. Instead, consider enjoying them for lunch the next day or incorporating them into a new dish, like egg fried rice. With a bit of creativity, you can spruce up your egg fried rice by adding leftover rice and other ingredients to make Uncle Roger proud!


Make a positive impact on your wallet and the environment by ditching disposable items like paper towels, sandwich bags, and single-use water bottles. Instead, opt for reusable alternatives.

For example, a pack of paper towels can cost around S$4.50 at FairPrice, while a hand towel from the same store is only about S$2.90. By switching to a reusable hand towel, you’ll save S$1.60 right off the bat and get many more uses out of it. Plus, using the hand towels you already have tucked away instead of grabbing a new paper towel sheet every time you make a mess means fewer trips to the store and less waste in the trash bin. It’s a minor change that will benefit you in the long run.


One of the biggest expenses for most people in Singapore is housing. To reduce your housing costs, consider living in a less expensive area or finding roommates to share the rent with. Downsizing to a smaller flat or house can also be a viable option.

Yes, you need shelter, and you want to live in a lovely place with amenities. While these factors are important, you don’t want to spend so much on your housing that you can’t achieve your financial goals.


For everyday expenses, avoid using credit cards. Remember that interest rates can be high. Instead, consider using cash or debit cards to keep track of your spending and avoid accumulating debt. By being mindful of your spending habits, you can achieve your financial goals and avoid the burden of credit card debt.


Don’t spend money on things that you can make yourself. Search for DIY tutorials on YouTube, Pinterest, and social media platforms to create your own soaps, household cleaners, ant killer, rugs, and face scrubs. The possibilities for home DIY projects are endless!


Cheaper alternatives for products and services are readily available but finding them requires some research. For instance, you can save money on handphone plans or other service subscriptions by choosing more affordable plans or cancelling unnecessary subscriptions.

When it comes to cleaning supplies, medications, and groceries, opting for store or generic brands can help you reduce your expenses while still getting quality products. You can also choose to splurge on a few select items to treat yourself.

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With a dash of foresight and smart decision-making, you can enjoy the Lion City’s luxuries while staying within your financial means.

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