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What to do when you feel like giving up

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Life isn’t easy, and that’s the truth for everyone. No matter how put together your peers may seem on social media or real life, we all go through our challenging moments that can make rising out of bed the most difficult task to do in the morning.

From rough patches in our careers to tensions in our relationships, there can be a sea of reasons why we feel like giving up. When things have been hopeless for such a long time, and the universe seems like it has an agenda against us, walking away can feel like the most natural thing to do. 

However, there’s always a way to move forward and find light in the darkest of situations. Let’s dive right into what you can do when you feel like giving up.

#1: Rediscover your reason

As time goes on, it can be difficult to remember why you started something in the first place, whether it be a job, relationship, or business venture. You might have strayed so far from your original vision that you simply fell out of passion.

However, it’s possible to gain instant motivation. Sit down for a moment and think about your ‘why.’ For example, these questions might help:

  • Why did you start your business?
  • What’s the main reason for pursuing this relationship?
  • Why did you fight for this job opportunity in the first place?

By thinking through your initial motivations, you will break through the clouds to find the clarity that will keep you going in life. Every quarter of the year or so, be sure to reflect on your ‘why’ to keep at what you’re doing.

#2: Embrace discomfort
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No matter how much we all hope that life would be constantly fun and worry-free, we know that that’s not what it’s supposed to be. The sooner you can embrace discomfort as part of your life’s journey, the faster you can move past your obstacles and reframe them to your advantage.

If life ever gets too overwhelming at some point, take time out to breathe, focus, and reset. Life pushes you around to try to teach you a lesson. The sooner you seek to embrace the challenges it throws, the easier it is to keep moving along.

Check out our article on “five ways to lift pressure off your nervous system” if you’re undergoing vast amounts of stress and in need of some tender loving care.

#3: Engage in small acts of kindness

When you feel like giving up, doing small acts of kindness might be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s more than worth it to try.

The next time you’re out dining, smile at a stranger at the restaurant, or if you’re bold enough, strike up a conversation with your favourite hawker. If you’ve got more time on your hands, take a shot at volunteering and helping those who are in worse situations than you are.

Engaging in these little acts can help you gain perspective and make you feel a whole lot better. This quote by Barbara De Angelis rightly puts it, “Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.”

#4: Share your goals
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If you’ve ever set goals for yourself, you might have felt far more comfortable keeping them to yourself. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, as we’ve mentioned in this article, you’ve got to embrace discomfort and open yourself up to vulnerability. You can start down that path by sharing your goals with people you trust and have them be your accountability partners.

They can help you stay true to your aims and show you that tough love to keep you on track, whichever point of life’s marathon you’re at.

#5: Reflect and have gratitude

It can be way too easy to dwell on your past or get overly obsessed with your future self. But it’s more than important to live in the present moment. Stop the motion of your life to observe the sky and the nature around you. Spend some time meditating if you must. 

Observe all the little good things that are happening, and take the time to be grateful for what you have. Also, never forget to acknowledge any past progress you’ve made, no matter how small you may think it might be.

The simple act of being thankful can transform your outlook on a lousy ditch you’re in.

#6: Give yourself a treat
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Last but not least, always treat yourself.

You are your own worst critic, so go easy and hit that bed an hour earlier than your usual snooze time. Or book an appointment to go to the spa, lay on the couch and binge that latest Netflix series, drink your favourite bubble milk tea, and do whatever makes you happy.

After all, life is short. You should spend time building on your goals but never neglect the fun side of life to re-energise you when the time calls for it.

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