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This Disney-themed home is an inspiration to Disney fans looking to live in a magical world

Disney-themed home

“Tale as old as time~ True as it can be~ Barely even friends, then somebody bends… unexpectedly~”

Did you find yourself humming or singing along to the above? Immediately guessed that it’s from Beauty and the Beast? Disney must have been an influence on your childhood then.

For the Hermansons, a family of four, they channelled their love for Disney right from their hearts to their home. Those who are getting your BTO flat or new apartment soon and happen to be Disney fans, this is truly an inspiration to look up to.

Let’s go on a house tour together!

#1: The entrance speaks a thousand words


We love how the entrance already gives us a glimpse of how the house is going to look like. Step right into Disney magic as Mickey and Minnie Mouse welcome you back home.

#2: Rapunzel-themed living room

Rapunzel-themed living room

If you’re one that spends the bulk of your time in the living room chilling with Netflix, then a Rapunzel-themed living room sounds just about right. The Disney princess is usually spotted in a purple dress and thus explains the purple furniture and decorations from the couch to the flag banner and floor mat.

#3: Beauty and the Beast dining experience

Beauty and the Beast dining experience

It’s about time Beauty and the Beast makes its appearance. The dining area features high detailed ornate chairs and a Beauty and the Beast picture that sets the Disney mood for your meals.

Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs Potts and Chip

Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs Potts and Chip are also your dining companions in the dining room.

#4: Princessy bedroom fit for royalty

Cinderella-themed bedroom

Bedroom, a place where desires, fantasies, and dreams come true! Let Cinderella accompany you as you hit the sack. And we’re not talking just about having a princessy bed frame to fit the theme.

Take a look at the wall feature behind the headboard.

Cinderella-themed bedroom wall feature

Doesn’t it remind you of the soap bubbles that formed when Cinderella was scrubbing away?

Let’s not forget the iconic Cinderella carriage that appears in the story. The Hermansons found a golden exquisite carriage to go alongside the Cinderella-themed bedroom. Isn’t it lovely?

Cinderella-themed bedroom gold carriage

But it really takes effort to create such a room fit for royalty. If you noticed the nightstands by the beds, you will be surprised to know that it didn’t look the way it is now. Here’s it before the couple’s DIY labour.

Cinderella-themed bedroom nightstand

From the matching paint-combination to the door pulls, it was given fresh coats of paint and new life.

Cinderella-themed bedroom door pulls

Cinderella-themed bedroom DIY nightstand

#5: The Little Mermaid bathroom

The Little Mermaid bathroom

Thoughtfully planned out, don’t you think The Little Mermaid fits in right where it should be – the bathroom? Everything from the wall decorations to the bathmat and shower curtain catches the eye but yet not a bit out of place.

Seashell necklace belonging to Ariel’s daughter

The seashell necklace belonging to Ariel’s daughter, Melody, is also an added charm to the bathroom. Oh yes, if you have another bathroom to work the Aladdin concept, go ahead!

Aladdin concept bathroom

We’re simply wowed by the elaborate designs executed by the Hermansons. Even the washbasin spout takes on the shape of the magic lamp in Aladdin.

washbasin spout takes on the shape of the magic lamp in Aladdin

A lot of hard work involved but definitely worth every effort upon seeing the finished project. Hope this has been an inspiration for you too!

All images are taken from Home & Decor Singapore.

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