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This Insane 100GB Phone Plan Costs Only $38/month

Not a typo. You didn’t misread the headline, there is actually a 100GB mobile plan in Singapore that costs only $38 per month. If this seems too good to be true, then read on. Circles.Life, one of the fastest growing ‘digital telco’ in Singapore, has launched a limited-time promotion that most of us might not even be aware of – a whopping 100GB mobile phone plan that costs only $38 per month. What’s even more attractive is that unused data will



Starhub: 3GB Data Upsize at Promo Rate of $3 (Sign up by 31 Mar 16)

Starhub Data

With Singtel and M1 announcing their $5.90 data upsize add-on plans, Starhub has joined the price war with a 3GB Data Upsize at a promotional rate of only $3 ($6-for-3GB thereafter) if you sign up or renew your Starhub 4G plans by 31 Mar 2016. This extra 3GB is definitely worth the money on the lower-tier plans if you compare it with Singtel and M1. Sign up at any StarHub Shop today.     Starhub: 3GB Data Upsize at Promo Rate