Why it’s okay not to have a full-month/100-day celebration for your newborn

100-day celebration

You may have seen people on social media spending on full-month or 100-day celebrations for their newborns.

Cakes & decos, fancy photoshoots, and more, you name it, they have it.

But you know what, it’s okay not to have all that. There’s no need to stress yourself out and spend so much money just to “fit in” or impress.

Honestly, your baby probably just cares about milk and love, not fancy parties.

Just don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to not celebrate at all. You can still have a small gathering with friends and immediate family members that fits your budget.

But at the end of the day, what matters most is the love and care you give to your baby, not how “wow” the celebration is.

Save money for more important things

I’m sure you want to give your baby the best life possible, right?

But if you spend too much on unnecessary things, then where’s the money left for the more important things?

You would be better off using that money for milk powder, diapers, or even saving up for their (private) education in the future.

Avoid unnecessary stress

Having to take care of yourself and a newborn is stressful enough, why add to your distress?

With things to buy and prepare for the celebration, plus all the friends and relatives to come and kachiau you?

I would very much say, “No, thank you” and take the time to heal and spend time with my baby.

a person lying down with a baby

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Create your own meaningful event

Maybe you and your partner can take a weekend vacation to mark the occasion or do a simple photoshoot for a keepsake.

Then, when your kid grows up, at least there’s something left to look back.

At the end of the day, celebrate and cherish your newborn in a way that feels financially right for your family.

Don’t be pressured to follow what others do, just do what makes sense.

And if I’ve got that bit of extra money to spare, I would rather spend it on a ready-made baby food subscription plan to save myself some time daily.

Check out these options:

Yes, I know it’s hard to be “left out” seeing people spending effort and money on full-month or 100-day celebrations for their newborns. But you know what, it’s okay not to do all these things. Traditions are made by humans and you can tweak the trend. Most significantly, you would be far better off saving that sum of money for your baby’s future or spending them on baby essentials and more. Dare to take the road less traveled!


Incredible Ways You Can Save As Parents Of A Newborn Baby

Knowing that pregnancy bills, documents, clothing, accessories, and so much more can cost more than S$10,000 in total, parents in Singapore must find savvy ways to manage their money because a baby will depend on them in everything. Here are some incredible ways to save money along the way:


One of the empowering things that only women can do is to breastfeed their baby. As much as you can, opt for breastfeeding because it will not only be healthy but also be able to save you as low as S$1,500 per year.

To help you draw milk, you may use an electric breast pump but it comes with an expensive price tag of S$90-500. So, it is best to borrow a breast pump from a friend but make sure to change the plastic attachments. You can buy those for far less.


Start saving for baby clothes by asking your friends and family if you can have their child’s outgrown clothes. You will not only help your friends or family members to de-clutter their space but you will also save more. Believe me when I say that babies can have sudden growth spurts so, it is unnecessary to buy loads of baby clothes in advance. It goes the same for shoes, as socks will be sufficient to keep their cute toes warm.

Also, you may invest two big T-shirts rather than bibs. All you have to do is to look for T-shirts that fits a baby (i.e., 1-2 years older than yours) while you are in a flea market. Then, use these big T-shirts while your baby is feeding instead of a bib.


Several parents came to the conclusion that babies are not hard to please. In fact, their favorite “toys” such as plastic cups, cardboard boxes, and utensils often come with friendly price tags. They are not even the traditional toys! Buying a toy for less and still make your baby happy is such a win-win situation. You may even try to make your own toys such as a rattle made with a jar and a few coins.


Preparing homemade baby food is simple, quick, and less costly. Having this power over your child’s food choices, you will be able to know exactly how much nutrition he or she is getting.

Before you begin feeding your baby, make sure that he or she is ready for solid food. It is recommended to wait for at least 6 months to feed solid food while you must wait until 10 months to feed them with gas-inducing foods such as broccoli, wheat, cauliflower, garlic, onions, beans, and dairy products. Be cautious of the common allergens as well.

Nonetheless, here are the recipes you can try for babies aged 6 months and beyond:

a. Carrots Baby Food (Recipe costs as low as S$0.80)

b. Peach Purée Baby Food (Recipe costs as low as S$2)

c. Pea Puree (Recipe costs as low as S$1.80)

Image Credits: Kim Love via Flickr (CC Attribution-ShareAlike)

Image Credits: Kim Love via Flickr (CC Attribution-ShareAlike)

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