You’d Be Surprised At How Much It Costs To Get Pregnant In Singapore

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Once you have confirmed that you are pregnant, your mixed emotions will take a while to settle. Then, it is time to prepare for your much-awaited pregnancy. Before you deliver your child, it is vital to determine the costs related to your pregnancy here in Singapore.


Expecting mothers need to visit the OB/GYNs or gynecologists regularly. As a result, you will have to pay about S$60-75 per visit. But to save more, you may take on the maternity package that costs about S$400 in the public hospitals. This already includes charges for consultation and needed supplements.

Routinely care for both your baby and you includes: monitoring blood pressure and weight gain, lab tests for blood and urine, and monitoring your baby’s position, heartbeat, and size. Additional tests include ultrasound and fetal health screening.


To prepare you physically and emotionally to giving birth in Singapore, you may join pre-natal classes that cost about S$150-250. These classes will impart knowledge on handling labor pain, post-natal exercises, and nursing for your newborn baby.


Hospitalization for two days will cost you about S$3,000 in a private room at a private hospital. But, you can lower down the cost significantly by choosing a private room at a public hospital. Aside from the varied hospitalization fees, delivery fees vary depending on whether you have normal or C-section delivery. For normal deliveries, you can give birth with or without epidural. This costs about S$2,000-3,000 and the C-section only costs more.


Expect your bills to increase from the minute your give birth. You will have to pay not only for your gynecologist but also for the pediatrician of your baby. Also, you must get your newborn immunized against several diseases. All the compulsory immunizations are free but if you want to save more, then opt for the services by polyclinics.


Giving birth to a baby is a lovely experience. Couples may consider it as a miracle that they had dreamt of for long. But the reality is, getting pregnant in Singapore can bring hefty costs. Bills include pre-natal consultation, lab tests, fee for birth certification, baby immunization, baby clothing and accessories, and more. As a couple, you may prepare a minimum of S$10,000.

Fortunately, Permanent Residents and Singaporeans can deduct a percentage of the delivery costs through the Central Provident Fund (CPF) for their first four children. Furthermore, the Medisave Maternity Package allows you to use your Medisave savings to pay for the pregnancy and delivery expenses. Click here to know more.

Image Credits: John Spade via Flickr

Image Credits: John Spade via Flickr

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