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Practical Strategies To Beat Inflation

Inflation is a sign of a healthy economy as it shows that the country’s wealth is growing. During inflation, you will experience periods of price surge. This is the perfect time to be more conscious of your spending. Do not worry! Inflation rates will eventually taper after several months. When this happens, your wallets can have the sigh of relief! Ultimately, here are some strategies that you can employ to beat the inflation. LET YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU Let’s


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4 essential economic relationships Singaporeans need to know

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We frequently hear of the word “economics” in papers or conversations, but how useful or applicable is this course of study to the real world? Understanding economics is in reality fundamental to understanding the price movements of every single good and service in our economy. It is the aggregation of the demand and supply forces.  Indeed, when we see the airfare skyrockets after the end of school term, it is economics at work. Huge travel demand outweighing limited supply of



Inflation in Singapore reaches a new historic low

Singapore October Inflation 2014

According to a report from The Business Times, inflation in Singapore has went down to a new low of 0.1% in October – the lowest since December 2009. This was mainly due to the sharp decline to the cost of accommodation and oil-related items. Another reason is due to the fluctuation of the certificate of entitlement (COE) premiums. Inflation is likely to remain low with higher supply of COE and housing units while the consumer price index of food, education