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Which Suits You Best: Employee or Entrepreneur?

Operating a business can be attractive to individuals with a drive to succeed. However, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Before take the leap, you should consider the differences between being an employee and an employer. Let us start with the sense of freedom and independence. FREEDOM One of the main reasons why employers open their business is the flexibility of time for family, hobbies, and other activities. They do not have to worry about the possibility of their leaves getting


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Should I be an employee, a self-employed or an employer?

Many people aspire to be an employer as it entails freedom, independence and wealth. However, the path to entrepreneurship is hardly a bed of roses. In fact, a successful entrepreneur has to possess great fortitude and foresight in order to overcome all the uninvited obstacles coming his/her way. On the contrary, while employees generally do not enjoy as much flexibility as the company owners, they actually face significantly lower (downside) income risks. In addition, employees are often relieved of the heavy emotional and psychological burden that is tied to the