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How To Lure New Customers To Your Small Business

CURATE A DETAILED PROFILE OF YOUR AUDIENCE Catching the attention of your potential customers is an easy task if you know exactly what you are searching for. So, begin by defining your target audience. Be as detailed as realistically possible. Include descriptors such as gender, occupation, NRIC number/FIN, hobbies, age group, and civil status. Say you are selling Harry Potter merchandise to teens and other millennials. You noticed that they are immensely obsessed with social media platforms. Hence, you used


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Avoid The Four Lethal Sins Of Sales Talk

Whether you consider me as blessed or not, I was born to a health-conscious family. Our parents encouraged us to exercise regularly and drink nutritional supplements to nourish our bodies. Yesterday, I was at a well-established fitness chain with several international branches. The facilities were exceptional. The machines were adequate. And, the classes were engaging. It suits my cup of tea! I was sitting quietly at a corner to relax. Minutes later, a trainer sat next to me and began