4 Places to Shop for Cheap Funko POP!

Fans of pop culture merchandise definitely heard of Funko Pop vinyl figures. Funko POP! vinyl figures are comparable to figurines and are based on video game characters, comic books, movies, and other icons. The collectibles offered by Funko POP! will make you nostalgic!

These figures have licensed characters from varying franchises with oversized heads and eyes and depict each character in different poses, sizes, outfits, and finishing. Aside from that, Funko POP! products come with attractive window box packaging. The packaging includes details of the characters and other collectibles from movies to icons in Dragon Ball Z, Marvel, Pokemon, and more.

The history of Funko POP! dates back to 1998 when toy collectors Mike Becker and Claudia Becker manufactured bobblehead figures. The business skyrocketed after releasing the Austin Powers bobbleheads. Afterwards, the company released the Funko vinyl line in 2010. The company aims to dominate pop culture with its trending merchandises including Disney, Star Wars, Stranger Things, Marvel, and DC.

Now, the company has over 8,000 different products worldwide and thousands of different franchise licenses. You can find something suitable for you and your loved ones!

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Carousell is a Singaporean smartphone and web-based consumer to consumer and business to consumer marketplace for selling and buying new and pre-loved goods. It has Funko POP! collectibles for as low as S$2 to S$4. Some of the products here are used and others are new. Some have boxes and others do not. You can purchase diverse figures from Star Wars’ Poe Dameron to Supernatural’s Crowley. It also has movie icons such as Frozen’s Elsa and Breakfast Club’s Brian.


Lazada Group is one of the largest e-commerce operators in Southeast Asia. It has PocketPop! and Funko POP! vinyl figures from S$9.90. Some of the top-rated figures include Joker Action Figure 337, Star-War Mandalorian with Baby Yoda, Tinker Bell 295, and PocketPop! Keychain IT Pennywise.


Simply Toys is founded for toy collectors with varios locations in VivoCity, Plaza Singapura, and SingPost Centre. You can find a lot of figures here including Funko POP!, Q Posket, and other pre-order comics. Funko POP! Keychain: Spider-Man: No Way Home S3 – Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man retails for S$9.90. Banpresto Naruto Shippuden Q Posket – Uchiha Itachi retails for S$32.90. While pre-order DC/Marvel comics have different price tags.


Singaporean multinational technology company that specializes in e-commerce Shopee provides a variety of Funko POP! vinyl figures and keychains. Keychains retail for as low as S$4.19. The vinyl figures such as Star Wars The Mandalorian retail for S$15.11 and Marvel: Year of The Shield – The Winter Soldier (838) cost S$14.90.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

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Investing in Antiques & Collectibles

Hard assets, such as art, antiques & collectibles, as a form of investment alternative?

Well, perhaps these could be the following reasons.

Assets of such, often retain their value as inflation rises, and they can also provide balance to other asset classes that suffer more from rising costs.

Collectibles include everything from high-priced antiques, gems, works of art and many others.

1) What makes collectibles valuable?

Some collectibles are valuable because they are creations born of talent, skill and workmanship.

For instance, Chinese Porcelains. Each item is inherently unique, and its value may be specific to that individual item. These types of collectibles tend to hold their value over time, generally keeping pace with inflation. Many also have the potential to appreciate in value. The value of these types of collectibles depends on many factors as well. The age of the item, rarity, craftmanship and its current popularity among collectors may all be factors in determining its value.

2) Why invest in Antiques & Collectibles?

Some but not all, increases in value, though they tend to appreciate slowly over a number of years. Another attributing factor, “The new high will always be higher”, which is why we oftenly see these items setting new records high with auction houses around the world. Collectibles, however, can act as a hedge against inflation too. This is why many investors are sometimes tempted to add them to their portfolios.

3) Upsides

As an investment, There are a number of unique upsides which you cannot replicate with anything else.

Tangible assets:

Collectibles are not influenced by inflation or interest rate headwinds.

Low-correlation to the stock market:

Collectible markets rarely move in tandem with the economy.

Growing rarity:

It is all about supply and demand.

And over time, A good piece of work, become scarce when that particular item is no longer trading in an open market.

Personal control:

You hold on to the assets; you don’t have to worry about anything like an investment bank run, or being scrutinized into a virtual world with no physical ability to control and manage. And If you’re one lucky collector with ability to capitalize on arbitrage situations, you’re against all odds.

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