Starbucks Singapore launches new ‘Shiok-ah-ccino’ beverage and many other shiok foods from 17 Jul 19

In the lead up to our nation’s 54th birthday, Starbucks bring back the eagerly anticipated Shiok-ah-ccino, now with a delicious new recipe. Smooth vanilla cream Frappuccino dances with chocolatey chips and is served with a waffle crisp and complete with an oh-so-Singaporean Shiok! chocolate topper. Starbucks hand you, a drink that’s inspired by the popular Singapore ice cream sandwiches.

For a real swee-treat, receive a free Shiok reusable straw and straw clip set with every purchase of a Venti-sized Shiok-ah-ccino. Available from 17 July, while stocks last. T&Cs apply.

Very Shiok Food
Accompanying the Shiok-ah-ccino is a mouthwatering menu of familiar local flavors with a modern twist.

Treat yourself to the Hainanese Chicken Rice Quinoa Salad with Ginger Chilli Dressing – a Starbucks rendition of the quintessential Singapore dish, made with a medley of cauliflower rice, quinoa, poached chicken slices, achar, chicken skin crisps and chicken rice sauce.

Dig into the Laksa Croissant Bowl, which serves up the yumminess of a laksa, without the noodles and is housed in a soft croissant bowl, topped with a prawn, hard-boiled egg and fragrant laksa leaves. There’s also the savory Satay Chicken Roll with fresh chicken and pineapple chunks infused with nutty satay sauce, nestled in a soft bun that’s lightly toasted.

Savory options aside, we bring you a trio of treats that look just like the much-loved Singapore ice cream sandwiches. Dig into them and you’ll find that they are in fact, a trio of cheesecake. The Raspberry Swirl Wafer Cheesecake and Blueberry Swirl Wafer Cheesecake both feature luxurious cream cheese that’s been swirled with tangy raspberry or blueberry, between two layers tasty wafers. The Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Sandwich features cheesecake with chunks of cookies, sandwiched between two layers of light rainbow sponge cake.

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