Read this before you hop on your sets of Invisalign or clear aligners

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Misaligned teeth can dampen your confidence if you often have to meet clients or face customers.

While traditional braces work, they aren’t as flexible when compared to Invisalign aligners. Just think about having the ease in removing your aligners when eating or brushing your teeth. You wouldn’t be able to do that with braces, though.

For peeps looking to start their journey with sets of Invisalign, hear from Dr Hwang Yee Cheau, an orthodontist at TP Dental Surgeons, on the essential things to note. Dr Hwang is also an adjunct professor at the NUS Faculty of Dentistry and highly qualified to share knowledge in this field.

#1: Expect precise results

Dr Hwang has been working with Invisalign clear aligners for more than 15 years, and she mentions that one can expect precise results with it.

The treatment uses advanced 3D planning software with data from 10 million patients worldwide. This allows the Invisalign-trained dentist to visualise each stage from the start to the end without unpleasant surprises.

#2: Receive a customised plan

Every misalignment is different. When you hop on the Invisalign journey, your dentist will craft a customised plan to help you achieve your desired results.

Once the initial iTero 3D (a digital system) scan is done and your treatment journey is mapped out, you will receive a series of removable Invisalign clear aligners throughout the process. Look forward to gradually straightened teeth as you progress through the months!

#3: Seek consultation before starting
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By now, some of you might be overly eager to get started. However, hold your horses. After all, teeth straightening is a medical procedure, and it’s best that you seek consultation before any treatment.

Ask your dentist or orthodontist to recommend doctor-directed clear aligner brands that are safe and sustainable. Also, ensure that the same doctor will accompany you throughout the course of your treatment.

#4: Treat complex cases

Apart from the privilege of flaunting your teeth when you smile, Invisalign clear aligners can also treat complex cases. This includes overbite, crossbite, and even serious crowding conditions.

Some individuals may also need to go through a corrective jaw surgery and decide to receive a pre-surgery orthodontic treatment using Invisalign clear aligners. In fact, it’s not just an option for adults, but kids and teens too.

#5: Different compared to clear aligners

Remember what mum used to say? Looks are deceiving. While clear aligners may look similar, the materials and technology used are different.

Dr Hwang noted that Invisalign treatment uses SmartTrack material, a proprietary medical-grade plastic. Going hand-in-hand with advanced software technology, you are guaranteed up to 75% of predictability on your teeth straightening journey.

Final thoughts

Be sure that your dentist is with you every step of the way because clear aligners can lead to tooth loosening or even gum recession if unsupervised.

In addition, you will need to persevere through the treatment process and have the discipline to stick to the aligner treatment wear time to see maximum results. Just so you know, that’s about 20 to 22 hours to put on a day.

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