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Amazing Date Ideas That Don’t Cost A Dollar

Image Credits: Nadia Morgan via Flickr with CC License

Dates can become a burden to the wallets of broke students. The idea of dating at a limited budget can sometimes be stressful and embarrassing. Well, not anymore! You can go on amazing dates without spending a dollar! Remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong about staying frugal while dating.


Take your special someone to a morning hike while watching the sunrise at the MacRitchie Reservoir Park. MacRitchie Reservoir Park houses several long hiking routes including the famous TreeTop Walk. The TreeTop Walk consists of a freestanding suspension bridge that connects two highest points namely: Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang. This is the first of its kind. Your date will truly appreciate the unique experience of looking over the variety of plants and animals while being about 25 meters off the ground.


Turn your date night into a romantic game night. You can get to know each other while playing the infamous childhood game of Truth or Dare. Learn a lot about his or her boiling points while playing poker. Wage it with anything other than money (e.g., kisses or chocolates). Lastly, you can even play fun board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Battleship.

Image Credits:  Anders Ruff Custom Designs via Flickr with CC Attribution-NoDerivs

Image Credits:
Anders Ruff Custom Designs via Flickr with CC Attribution-NoDerivs


Get your XBOX, Wii, or Play Station ready for a showdown. Nothing beats a date filled with enjoyable video games. What is even more interesting are old-school video games. If your old console or Nintendo hand-held game is still operating then, spend the night by facing each other into a classic brawl of Super Mario Brothers or Street Fighter. This is a sweet trip down the memory lane!


Looking for a perfect first date experience? Look no more as MovieMob brings you the premier outdoor movie screenings that would not cost you a cent! MovieMob, an acclaimed Outdoor Movie Specialist, screens movies to various locations around Singapore. Instead of heading to a fancy and pricey restaurant, plan a picnic while enjoying a free movie at the park. Stay updated by visiting:

Alternatively, you can host a movie marathon by watching free movies at home. Catch a free flick or two in the comforts of your own home by watching at YouTube’s Movies playlist at Turn the romance on by switching to scented (and safe) candles instead of lamps and by heating up a bag of popcorn.


There is nothing more romantic than sharing your interests to your partner. If you are a fan of cooking and baking then, teach him or her the basic recipes and techniques. And, if neither of you have a special skill, you can look up free online tutorials and make a DIY project together.

Image Credits: Howard Holley via Flickr with CC License

Image Credits: Howard Holley via Flickr with CC License

Having tight finances should not stop you from spending quality time with your special someone! 🙂

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