Lower Prices That Last At Giant

The pandemic has led to unprecedented economic contraction and retrenchment. In a pandemic-ravaged economy, a new normal has emerged whereby most households are looking to tighten their purse strings and demand for low-priced everyday essentials take utmost priority. During unprecedented times of changes and challenges, shoppers are looking for consistency and certainty when shopping for groceries.

However, promotions at supermarkets are often fleeting and short-lived. It has become a daily battle to figure out where and when has the best deal. Furthermore, these promotions can sometime lead to impulse buys and unintentional hoarding which is unhealthy for shoppers’ wallets. Fret not, Giant presents “Lower Prices That Last” so shoppers can now shop smarter without planning their lives around promotions.

Lower Prices That Last at Giant

Giant has dropped prices of hundreds of Singaporeans favourite brands/essentials. It is committed to keeping them at “everyday low price” for a long time so that customers need no longer wait for sales nor constantly monitor for promotions. These savings will make a ‘Giant’ difference in customers’ grocery bills in the long run. Here are some examples of Lower Prices That Last:

Grocery Staples

  1. Cabbage Vegetable Oil 2L ($4.30, price before $5.65)
  2. Ibumie Mi Goreng 5packs ($1.80, price before $2.35)
  3. Lee Kum Kee Panda Oyster Sauce ($3, price before $3.70)
  4. Gold Kili Traditional Kopi O 20 x 20g ($2.20, price before $2.70)
  5. OSK Japanese Green Tea 50 x 2g ($5, price before $6.95
  6. Dove Shower Beauty Nourishing 1L ($5.90, price before $9.70)
  7. Top Detergent Powder Anti Bacteria 5.5 Kg ($9.80, price before $13.55)


  1. Minced Pork ($0.90/100g, price before $1.29/100g)
  2. Golden Pomfret (2 for $6, price before 2 for $11)
  3. China Fuji Apples (5 for $2.50, price before 5 for $3.95)
  4. Assorted Leafy Vegetables Chyesim, Kangkong, Spinach (3 for $2, price before 3 for $2.70)

For more items, check out LOWER PRICES THAT LAST on LPTL catalogue. These prices will stay low today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next quarter…and maybe even longer!

Other Exciting Changes And Offerings

All these changes are part of Giant’s transformative refresh that comes with a brand-new look and coupled with new offerings across the board that will excite and delight Giant’s customers! Changes rolled out are improved lightings, cleaner stores, neater navigation and new designated zones such as:

$1 zones for bargain hunters

Decked-up general merchandise area with home & living appliances, electronics and even tableware.

Snack World featuring a whole range of your favourite snacks – ranging from super healthy to indulgences for you and your family

World of Food featuring the best curated products from all around the world, now that we can’t travel.

Guardian Store-in-Store – 1st ever integration for our customers to have the best health and beauty range

Giant’s 100% Freshness promise ensures that shoppers will always get the freshest fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats or you can get them exchanged!

Not forgetting shoppers can always look forward to the warm, authentic service across all touchpoints when shopping at Giant.

Little Things Makes a Giant Difference

Every little savings counts and you can achieve that with “Lower Prices That Last” on hundreds of your grocery essentials at Giant. It is Giant’s long-term commitment to deliver everyday low prices that last. It seeks to be consistent in delivering a ‘Giant’ difference in all that it does by offering fresh value, variety and convenience for Singaporeans to lead a better life!

Stand to win Giant Vouchers from 1 Oct till 22 Nov by playing the “Lower Prices That Last” game! The more items you catch, the higher you score. Be the top 3 scorers of each round to win $100 Giant vouchers!

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