Does my child need tuition?

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Increasing educational levels is a mark of progress for humankind. In the past, education was considered a luxury enjoyed by a privileged few. Today, higher living standards have empowered the masses to invest in the future of the next generation, leading to the betterment of mankind of epic proportions.

However, this does not necessarily mean that tuition is the only way to gain extra knowledge outside of school. Education can come in different forms, ranging from self-directed learning to facilitated learning. Shown below is an elementary guide for parents who are considering various educational options to improve the competency of their children.Picture2

As with purchasing any goods or services, quality should often be emphasized over quantity. Finding a well-suited tutor that caters to the precise needs of your child is of utmost importance.

*For convenience, this article uses “his” and “he” to refer to the child.

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