What effect does the New Year have on the stock exchange?

Wall Street

The Christmas holidays and the New Year are over and 2015 has finally arrived. But what does that really mean to an investor? Is there any effect at all? Public holidays always create a little turbulence in the market – no matter where and what the holiday is about. This effect can be positive or might have negative influences on the stocks. However, it is important to understand these disturbances and use them to one’s advantage. Reading the market correctly



3 Tips to Performing Fundamental Analysis

You may have already known that there are two ways to analyse a company, fundamental and technical. In this post, I will be focusing on fundamental analysis and zoom into the things that are commonly looked out for when performing such analysis. For a start, it would be good to have a foundation on basic accounting and financial accounting since you will be looking into Income Statements and Balance Sheets. Fundamental analysis is all about making sense of the numbers


Credit & Loan

Fixed or Floating Rate, Which is Better For Your Home Loan?

Fixed or Floating Rate

Your home is often the biggest purchase you ever made in your life, however that also means landing yourself the biggest debt you ever had. Properties in Singapore are expensive – be it HDB flats, excecuive condos, or bungalows. It’s not uncommon to have a million dollar price tag onto it. And often, taking up a mortgage loan would also means being in debt for 25, 30 or even 40 years. Therefore, you want to be careful in choosing the



How to check if your savings are safe

How to check your saving are safe

When making an investment, one wants it naturally to be safe. Most investors make their moves only with secure projects that seem unshakable. Some even prefer investments that potentially generate less but are secure than investing in a something that is shaky but could be highly profitable in good circumstances. Surely there are investments, which are stable and generate a favourable income. However, as the international market grows increasingly interconnected, more and more investments and business areas can be effected


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Best Credit Card For Petrol

Best Petrol Credit Card

When your car ran out of petrol, have you had problems deciding which petrol kiosks to go to enjoy the most savings? With four petroleum companies in Singapore – Exxon-Mobil, Caltex, Shell and Singapore Petroleum Company, you may at times scratch your head and wonder which petrol companies offer the cheapest petrol. Owning and driving a car in Singapore is expensive, and it pays to find out how to save on your fuel expenses. Using the right credit card to