4 Fabulous Beauty And Wellness Activities In Singapore, Under S$55


Experience natural exfoliation of your skin with Kenko’s Fish Spa Therapy. As the fishes remove your feet’s dead skin cells, you will feel a gentle nibbling sensation that may be ticklish for the first two minutes. Afterwards, you will feel a relaxing pulse stimulating as the therapeutic wave sets in. The benefits of this therapy includes: Smoother and healthier skin Promote blood circulation Release stress and tension The 30-minute therapy costs about S$30.

Image Credits: kenko.com.sg

Image Credits: kenko.com.sg

Kenko Singapore has 7 outlets nationwide, visit: kenko.com.sg/outlet to know the nearest one.


Take on the challenge of getting into the exciting action by learning how to Flowride. On May 23, WAVEHOUSE SENTOSA will conduct a “Girls Learn To Ride” session that is suited for female beginner and intermediate Flowriders who are interested to learn the basics and some new tricks as taught by the in-house female instructors. This Babe-only session costs S$20 for an hour and S$40 for two! 

Image Credits: Lim Ashley via Flickr

Image Credits: Lim Ashley via Flickr

Order your tickets at  wavehousesentosa.comFor others who would rather stay out of the surf, worry not, because there are two beach bars and a pool to keep you refreshed and occupied. 


Book in for a hair blowout at Blow+Bar salon to get a star-worthy makeover. With the “Daily Blowout” you can get double cleanse, scalp massage, conditioning, and a Signature blowout look for S$38-52 depending on your hair length. Kids are welcome to the fun too (i.e., Daily Blowout Kids: S$27)!

Image Credits: blowplusbar.com

Image Credits: blowplusbar.com

You can choose from different Signature blowout looks including BB Volume, BB Natural, and BB Curls while sipping a glass of wine. Ohh la la indeed!

There are two has 2 Blow+Bar outlets nationwide, visit: blowplusbar.com to book an appointment.


Enjoy a rejuvenating yoga class at Hom Yoga, Singapore. Hom Yoga is a contemporary boutique yoga studio that offers hot and non-hot classes. Choose from a range of their hot classes such as Hot Hom, Hot Ashtanga, and Hot Flow as taught by internationally trained yoga instructors. What separates Hom Yoga from the most is its minimalist ambience and premier services complete with the staple facilities. Not only is the reception staff courteous but the instructors are friendly too.

Image Credits: Image Credits: facebook.com/homyogastudio

Image Credits: Image Credits: facebook.com/homyogastudio

I suggest you go for their 1-week trial for S$49 to get a feel of all their classes. Otherwise, you can go for a single class for S$40. Hom Yoga has 2 studios nationwide, visit: homyoga.com/sg for more details. 


Perfect Places To Buy Cheap Camera And Accessories In Singapore

Singapore is a haven for not only the food or fashion lovers but also for the digital savvy. That being said, most of the tourists that come to the Lion City are in search of the cheapest and the best electronics available. Fortunately, most if not all, provide you with the documents to claim the 7% GST from the Changi Airport. All you have to do is ask for it politely!

If you are set to buy quality yet reasonably priced Camera or Camera accessories, here are the Perfect Places To Buy Cheap Camera And Accessories In Singapore


Topping the list is the famous Funan DigitalLife Mall. Funan DigitalLife Mall houses a variety of electronic stores with products at inexpensive yet competitive prices. These stores offer Cameras, DSLRs, Camera lenses, and more. One store that stocks ThinkTank Camera bags is the TK Foto at #02-14 and #02-38/41.ThinkTank bags are low profile and high-capacity bags suited for mirror-less Camera gear.

Image Credits: tkfoto.com.sg

Image Credits: tkfoto.com.sg

Rest assured that you would not be a victim of scam at the Funan DigitalLife Mall because its stores follow Singapore’s trading standards.


One of Singapore’s trusted Camera stores is the Cathay Photo. Established in 1959, Cathay Photo offers an impressive range of Still-Cameras, Video Cameras, and professional studio equipments among others. They strive to give the best photographic equipments by importing from international brands and by widening their range of products.

The DLSR Cameras with HD video capabilities include brands such as Rotolight, Zacuto, Kessler Crane, and Steadicam. Accessories that they sell include lenses & filters, light modifiers, Camera straps, and Camera bags. They have two outlets with the Peninsular Plaza being a few steps away from Funan DigitalLife Mall. See the full locations here.


IT Show 2015 may have pass last March but shopping for attractive deals on electronics does not stop there! This May 29-31, CEE (Consumer Electronics Exhibition) Show will give you great deals on electronics, all in one place – Suntec Singapore.

For 3 days, you can get huge savings on your electronic lifestyle needs ranging from Digital Cameras to the latest touchscreen and LED displays. Also, you can trade-in your used or faulty electronics (e.g., laptops, tablets, and smartphones) to get up to S$1,200 worth of vouchers. Interested to trade-in? Get a quote by filling their form here: http://pcdreams.com.sg/CEE/ The best thing about CEE Show 2015 is not only can you get up to 90% off but admission is also Free!

For more information visit: ceeshow.com.sg


4 Ways To Stop Your Couple Woes Over Money

They say that love is unconditional, selfless, and priceless. But the truth is, you have to spend money for roses, dinner, or even diamonds during special occasions such as birthdays or Valentine’s Day. And these gifts do not come cheap! The influence of money on the relationship does not stop there. It is significantly present in marriage. In 2012, a study found that the more regular couples argued over money, the more likely they were to get divorced.

There are different reasons why couples have dispute over money. One reason is the opposing views that deeply affect their values to the point that it is hard for them not to be self-righteous in the subject. Although, if both parties truly love each other and are willing to work things out then, they can set their differences aside. Here are 4 helpful ways to stop your couple woes over money


To prevent another issue to boil, understand each other’s view by explicitly discussing your differences on financial issues. For example, if your partner is a saver then, he or she may view money as an important currency that shall not be wasted.

Learn put yourself in your partner’s situation (i.e., spender or saver) by recognizing his or her financial strengths. For example, if you are buying a washing machine. While a saver may lean towards a cheap and used machine, a spender will want a costly and new machine. Compromise by combining the saver’s ability to get a good deal with the spender’s ability to commit to a new purchase.

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When faced in a situation where you are already frustrated and about to burst, take a step back from those feelings. Avoid blaming or shouting at each other. Instead, write down your feelings or values about money and how you want your money dynamics to change for the better. When your temper is gone, exchange letters to know where your partner is coming from. If you want to break the cycle of feud, you have to work together to a fresh start.


Ensure that you will have a productive and open communication on your financial goals and new budget plan. Change can be difficult and you may need to remind each other of your dreams and budget from time to time.


Although you have a joint bank account, you may want to have separate bank accounts for your personal finances including buying gifts for your spouse or child. This degree of financial independence can help you deal with the changes better. Keep in mind that you shall still honor the new budgeting scheme and financial goals even if you have a personal account.

Image Credits: Robert Bejil via Flickr

Image Credits: Robert Bejil via Flickr

In resolving your money woes with your partner, it is important to keep an open mind. Remember that it is not about winning or superiority, instead it is about understanding your partner’s perspective on money.


Best Shops For Wallet-Friendly Party Supplies In Singapore

Are you in need of party supplies to use for the Birthday or the Mother’s Day coming up? What if you are hosting a themed party at home? You will need a variety of dramatic, novelty, or scary decorations of course. Whether you are hosting a safari-themed Birthday or a floral Mother’s Day celebration, here are the Best Shops For Wallet-Friendly Party Supplies In Singapore…


If all the party goods in a shop cost S$2, you may never want to leave. Daiso offers party decorations, toys for give away, and glowing materials. You may buy a banner that says: “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Mother’s Day” to decorate your feast wall. Daiso has 7 outlets nationwide including one in Vivocity, IMM Building, and Plaza Singapura.


A popular crafts hub, Spotlight sells different kinds of inexpensive party decorations, table dressings, cake decorations, ribbons, toys, and candies. All the crafts materials that you will ever need could be found here.

Image Credits: spotlight.com.sg

Image Credits: spotlight.com.sg

Location: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, Level 5


You would be surprise that Carousell, a mobile marketplace for bargain items, sells several party supplies too. My favorite item is the “Colourful Paper Straws For Party” priced at S$3/25 straws.


What I like about The Party Stuff is that they have party decorations for a wide selection of themes such as: Plaid Baby, Sports & Army Camouflage, Hawaii & Poker Night, Princess, and Superheroes. They offer party decorations, balloons, tableware, party favors, cake decorations, and costumes.

For S$5.95, you can buy the “Boom Wow Confetti Butterfly”: a handheld confetti cannon launching colorful Butterflies in the air. Also, take advantage of their Mother’s Day special 18″ balloons for S$7.90.

Locations: 4 outlets nationwide, visit here: thepartystuff.com.sg


MTRADE is an online novelty wholesale store in Singapore. This store has countless of goods to offer including Personalized Party Items, Party Favors, Party Accessories, Stationery Gifts, Inflatable Items, Games, Tableware, Cake Decoration, and Confetti. These are sold at very affordable prices of course! For example, 8 pieces of party hats costs about S$3.50-6.90 while a piece range costs about S$0.40-1.30. I recommend their Glow Stick Bracelets sold at S$4.50/45 pieces.

Image Credits: mtradenoveltystore.com

Image Credits: mtradenoveltystore.com

With its organized website at mtradenoveltystore.com, you can either shop by price or shop by category.


4 Fun Evening Activities In Singapore Under S$20

Venture the Singapore nightlife without breaking the bank. Some of these night activities are even for FREE! From musical appreciation to board games feud, here are 4 Evening Activities (Under S$20) that you will surely enjoy…


Spend your night right by catching up with your family, friends, or colleagues at the Mind Cafe. Here, you shall enjoy hours of board games and affordable dining. Their shelves are stocked with the wildest selection of board games such as Taboo, Munchkin, Cards Against Humanity, and Say Anything. They have an ongoing promotion of only S$2/person for an hour of gaming on Monday-Thursday, and Sunday. While it is S$2.50/person for an hour of gaming on Friday, Saturday, and Public Holiday.

Image Credits: facebook.com/themindcafe

Image Credits: facebook.com/themindcafe

Wanting more hours of gaming? Then grab their “Happy Game Time” promotion including 4 hours of gaming and free flow of house pour drinks for S$7.90 on Monday-Thursday, and Sunday. For more details, view here.


Enjoy the free “Wonderfull Show” at the Marina Bay Sands every evening from 8pm (full showtime schedule here). At the show, you will immerse yourselves in light, sound and music where your little ones will awe in delight. Remember to get there early to secure the best seats! The show is located at the Event Plaza at the Promenade.


From May 30 to June 1, you will have a chance to catch a live performance by the “Lorong Boys” in Esplanade Mall. The 30-minute performances at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 pm are all for free! Here is a sneak peek of their prowess:

Afterwards, you may indulge in a contemporary Italian and Southeast Asia bistro and bar at Level 1 called “Supply & Demand”. Majority of the pastas, pizzas, and entrées they serve are priced below S$20.


After purchasing a beverage for less than S$20, you will witness a live band session at the Timbre @ The Substation. The 2 Halfs will be playing exclusively on May 27 from 7:30 pm. The band consists of 4 instrumentalists and 3 vocalists, adding to a total of 7 members! Drawing influences from various indie rock and alternative rock music acts, the band strives to keep their sound unique, enlivening and infectious. Want to hear a tease of their music? Listen to their SOUNDCLOUD account at soundcloud.com/2halfsband.

Image Credits: timbregroup.asia

Image Credits: timbregroup.asia

Location: 45 Armenian Street Singapore 179936

You do not have to spend too much to have a good time with your friends or family. At the end of the day, each other’s company is enough to make the evening special. 🙂