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6 Things Lottery Winners Hid From You

You always see a long queue of diverse people in Singapore Pools outlet. Whether they are young or old, women or men, they all want one thing – to win the jackpot. The truth is, no one really knows what happens next after the winner had claimed the hefty load of cash. Lucky for us, some of the past lottery winners shared their personal experiences. 1. WINNERS ARE STILL BETTING Past winners are not giving up in hitting the jackpot once



Why You Should Attend The SMART Investment & International Property Expo 2015

Take control of your financial future and join many others in the SMART Investment & International Property Expo. With over 11 years of organizing investment expo in other parts of Asia, SMART Expo has invited hundreds of industry experts in their fields to provide useful advice and motivational talks to investors. This year, Singapore will be its first stop in Asia, followed by Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai in later parts of the year. There are different seminars held in


Phones & Utilities

6 Ways To Slash Your Costly Mobile Phone Bills

Prevent exceeding your monthly budget by taking control over your mobile or hand phone bills. May these tips help you save some of your hard earned money… 1. IDENTIFY YOUR MONTHLY USAGE Look onto your carrier’s usage information or last month’s billing statement and check your monthly usage. Identify what you really need in terms of number of texts, call minutes, and Internet data each month. Then, start comparing the telecommunication plans available to get the best and cheapest deal.



Get Blue Eyes Forever For US$5,000 At Strōma Medical

Whenever we see people with blue or green eyes, we get mesmerized because having these pair of eyes are considered unique in comparison with the norm. Eye color determined by two factors: the pigmentation of the iris and the frequency-dependence of the scattering of light. If you want to change your eye color temporarily then, you will have to purchase colored contact lenses. For decades it is a characteristic that we cannot change permanently…until now. A company named Strōma Medical,


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How To Get Desirable Deals For Your Wedding

Looking for good price deals that match your budget may seem like an impossible task at times – but it need not be. Wedding planners and other experts such as Robin Weil showed ways to make most of your special day without over spending. 1. BE HONEST It is best to be honest while organizing your wedding so that the businesses can give you every price options to explore. It is okay to have different suppliers; in fact most couples