Big Foot Sea Salt Lemon Candy now available at Giant Singapore for $2

If you are a big fan of candy made from a combination of salt and lemon, this might appeal to you

Fans of the Himalaya Salt Candy have something new to look forward to. Big Foot, the same manufacturer of the Himalaya Salt Candy, has launched another variant in the market: the Sea Salt Lemon Candy.

You can now buy the bigger-sized packet of candy made from natural sea salt and lemon juice at Giant Singapore, at a more affordable price. For just $2, you get a huge packet of Sea Salt Lemon Candy that contains an approximate 60-62 pcs of individual wrap candies. (150g) This is much more economical than the Himalaya Salt Candy that costs around $1 per 15g packet (about 6 candies)

A taste test shows that the Sea Salt Lemon Candy has a stronger hint of lemon and tastes less salty than the Himalaya Salt Candy.

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