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Johor chief minister says they will put in “more effort” to reduce COVID-19 cases for Singapore to consider border reopening

Empty Singapore Johor border

Johor chief minister Hasni Mohammad has noted on 31 May that Singapore and Malaysia have put talks to reopen cross-border travel on hold. This is due to the pandemic situation in Malaysia. Following the recent news report, our neighbouring country has also entered a two-week “total lockdown” from 1 June. “This decision was made after taking into account the current situation of COVID-19 transmission in Malaysia with daily case numbers exceeding 8,000 and active cases exceeding 70,000,” read a statement


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3 critical characteristics why Elon Musk is where he is now

Elon Musk giving an OK sign

Do a quick search on Elon Musk, and you will find all his significant achievements: Co-founder of PayPal CEO, founder, and chief engineer at SpaceX CEO, product architect, and early-stage investor of Tesla The 49-year-old, who will turn 50 on 28 June, is one of the world’s wealthiest persons. Putting aside his settlement violations of tweets not yet approved by his company lawyers, there are good things we can learn from this man. Here are the three critical characteristics of



Try meditating to beat stress and anxiety

a woman meditating

Way before the pandemic started, stress and anxiety have been around for a long time. People from the past may have led simpler lives, but that doesn’t mean the absence from pressure. That is why meditation is said to have originated from around 1500 BCE in India. All of us cope with stress differently. For some, it may be engaging in a physically exhausting activity and just sleeping it off. While for others, maybe it is to draw away from


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Should Singapore stop hosting the F1 Grand Prix amid COVID-19?

F1 Grand Prix Singapore

About 13 years have passed since Singapore first hosted the Formula One (F1) Grand Prix in 2008. Do you know that it took about S$150 million for Singapore to host the first night race? The government paid about 60% of the total amount in hopes that the three-day event would bring in S$100 million in tourism receipts. Though the inaugural race has welcomed high-profile attendees like the former heads of Sony, Lenovo, and Royal Bank of Scotland, the question remains


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Quick time management tips for 9 to 5 workers looking to run a side business

a woman working from home

So you want to run a side hustle or maybe already in the process of starting one? A 9 to 5 life can be tiring if you’re bogged down by tasks from the moment you clock in for work to the second you sign off. But for those who are not so busy during weekdays, you will probably find it easier to allocate time on earning extra income outside of your full-time job. But still, without proper time-management routines, it