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Do these things after you’ve sacked your boss

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So you’ve finally dropped the resignation letter in your boss’ face after months of contemplating? We’re glad for you. Now that you’re exiting hell, it’s time to slack your way through that one-month notice, not. Yes, you’ve read that right. Rather than wasting your time reporting for the last month at work doing nothing, there are tasks you need to tick off your checklist before you bid goodbye. Here are the things to do after you’ve sacked your boss. #1:



How to beat “coronasomnia” with CBT-inspired ways


Way before the pandemic started, people have been trying to overcome insomnia. But coupled with the stress, changes, and uncertainty of COVID-19, more people are facing sleep deprivation. Simply put, the world has termed it as “coronasomnia”. Chronically bad sleep is not just a condition that disrupts your rest pattern. It’s capable of attacking the immune system and affect memory and attention span. Furthermore, it could increase your chances of getting depression, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Studies have


Career and Enterprising

Tips to mind your body language for that upcoming interview

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Most of us would probably agree that first impressions matter. What we may not know is that the opinion we get from someone we’ve just met is often thanks to the concept of body language. Muse’s career coach Eloise Eonnet shares that humans read each other’s body language and vocal delivery to make fast conclusions about whether we like, trust, or respect a person. Similarly, these snap judgments significantly affect the hiring decision of an interviewer. Thus, while what you’ve



Consider these options to start investing from $100

$100 Singapore notes

Do you know that according to a study of Singaporeans’ financial wellness state by OCBC last year, only 60% of women have investments? Faring better on the flip side, 75% of male respondents aged between 21 and 65 noted that they are investing. Are you a novice when it comes to investing? If you have a low-risk appetite and not so investment savvy at the moment, fret not. All you need to take is baby steps. “You don’t need a


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A climate activist says it’s impossible to tackle climate change solely on individual efforts

Singaporeans weathering the hot temperatures

Other than the ongoing pandemic, climate change’s the rage right now. That’s why our country’s environment minister recently noted that Singapore is facing twin challenges from climate change. The problems Grace Fu is referring to are coastal floods and extreme rainstorms that could result in more intense inland flooding. Some people may think it’s not something to worry about excessively at the moment, considering the trend to live in the present. But do you know the potential impact climate change