Audio House is giving away FREE $60 to buy any of their electronics! Grab first, think later!

Here’s FREE shopping credit for the first time from an electronics retailer!

Just log on to to register for an account and in 1 minute (5 basic details to complete) you will see $60 in your account immediately!

You have $60 in your pocket even before you start shopping! Grab the shopping credit first and think of what to buy later. Credits expired in a year.

From the Audio House online site, there are over 2800 products for you to shop from as of 2 May.

Here are the categories of products:


With every $100 spent, $20 credit can be used to offset the total purchase.

With the free $60 credit, you are on your way to save on your electronics and household items!

For example, the 32″ Philips TV is being sold at $379 (Usual Price $499) and with the $60 credit, you pay just $319 (with minimum of $300 purchased, you can redeem all $60 at once). If you’ve been thinking of changing your TV, this is it!


If you are planning to buy bigger ticket items, save the $60 and use them together with the additional credits Audio House gives. With every $100 spent, as a member, they will give you additional $20 credit. Example the LG fridge below, priced at $1599 (usual price $1,999). You pay $1,599 and you’ll get $300 credit in your account.


With the $300 credit and the original $60 credit, you will enjoy a lot of savings on your subsequent purchases! For example, you can use $120 credits on a Dyson vacuum cleaner below and pay ojust $509 for it. This is the best price you can get according to our research.


After accumulating all those credits, you can redeem them for your subsequent purchases. Play around with the calculation to find which items you should buy first / next, and you’ll find that you’re making a lot of savings. New homeowners, if you’re buying a variety of electronics for your new home, be prepared to save a lot!

If you’re shopping for electronics, as we suggested earlier, just grab the $60 first. Register in 1 minute and the credit is yours. #dontsaybojio

Logon to  now! Only valid till 7 June 2017.

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