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KonMari’s Guide To Sparking Joy In Your Desk

From a best-selling author to a Netflix superstar, cleaning queen Marie Kondo has an efficient way of de-cluttering your own house and your workplace desk. Her KonMari method is so powerful that most of her clients never turn back! When practiced regularly, the results become everlasting. STEP 1: TOSS OR KEEP With an honest outlook, select an item from your desk. Hold this item and ask yourself this question: “Does it spark joy in your life?” If your answer is


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Cleaning Queen Marie Kondo’s Guide To A Joyful Home

As “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” debuted early this year, cleaning queen Marie Kondo went from a best-selling author to a Netflix star. Viewers were inspired by the KonMari method and started cleaning up their own messes at home. However, what stood out was her specific way of folding clothes. Aside from the special way of folding clothes, here are some tips that you can employ to spark joy in your home. INSTILL RESPONSIBILITY ON EVERYONE As parents, is your