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Cleaning Queen Marie Kondo’s Guide To A Joyful Home

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As “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” debuted early this year, cleaning queen Marie Kondo went from a best-selling author to a Netflix star. Viewers were inspired by the KonMari method and started cleaning up their own messes at home. However, what stood out was her specific way of folding clothes.

Aside from the special way of folding clothes, here are some tips that you can employ to spark joy in your home.


As parents, is your duty to encourage the maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness inside the home. Your children should be responsible for cleaning up their own space.

You should lead by example and start giving your toddlers minimal tasks such as sweeping or wiping. For instance, my two-year old students can sweep pieces of paper when prompted. Make cleaning a bonding activity for the whole family.


Minimalism is one word that encapsulates the KonMari method. Let us apply minimalism in the kitchen. She organizes her kitchen by putting as little items as possible on the counters and around the sink.

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For her, de-cluttering the kitchen should be based on the ease of cleaning. Which items will save you more time and space?


As mentioned above, ensure that your children are responsible for their own belongings. Your job is to help them find a designated place to store their items. While, their job is to put back their belongings to the designated place/s.

Start by gathering your clothes, books, documents, miscellaneous, and sentimental items. Organize your belongings following this order. When going through your clothes, ensure that you toss the unwanted items in one massive pile.

According to the KonMari method, you must only keep items that spark joy to your life. If it does not bring joy then, toss it out.


Marie Kondo’s popularity can be attributed to the way she organizes her drawers by stacking clothes side-by-side. She teaches a strategic way of folding clothes whereby a properly folded article of clothing can stand on its own. Not only does it make for some very Instagram-worthy portraits, it also allows you to see what is inside your drawer at a glance.


Through this, you can survey which articles of clothing to you spend most on. Which articles of clothing should you stop buying? Which colors do you invest more on? What do you lack in your wardrobe? Asking these questions will help you make more informed shopping decisions in the future.

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