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KonMari’s Guide To Sparking Joy In Your Desk

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From a best-selling author to a Netflix superstar, cleaning queen Marie Kondo has an efficient way of de-cluttering your own house and your workplace desk.

Her KonMari method is so powerful that most of her clients never turn back! When practiced regularly, the results become everlasting.


With an honest outlook, select an item from your desk. Hold this item and ask yourself this question: “Does it spark joy in your life?” If your answer is affirmative, keep the item. Items that hold a special place in your heart, items that brighten your day through the toughest days, and items that make you smile are worth keeping.

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If your answer is “no” then, please get rid of the item. State your gratitude towards the item before tossing it away. Remember, it served its purpose to help you in your career. Do the same process for every item on your desk.


Marie Kondo believes that you must set a clean slate for all the items that spark joy in your life. After all, your desk is dirtier than you may think!

According to Microbiologist Charles Gerba, the average desk has more bacteria than an average toilet. It is important to disinfect your desk or working space with paper towels, wet wipes, rubbing alcohol, or disinfectant spray.


Aside from the physical arrangement of your items, Marie Kondo has a way of cleansing your work inbox. She recommends limiting the creation of folders.

Afterwards, go through your email or Facebook inbox swiftly and completely in a single sitting. Rather than checking your inbox throughout the day, she prefers to get things done as quickly as possible.


The last step is to assign a designated place for all the items that spark joy. She loves putting items in boxes or baskets! For instance, you may store your clips, tapes, and other stationary materials in a small box. Put this box inside your drawer. The idea is to put things out of your sight.

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The most important thing to remember is to keep your desk permanently organized! In time, repeated behavior will become a habit. Thus, cleaning your desk will be second nature for you.

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