How to Keep Track of Your Personal Finances

How to keep track of your personal expenses

Often enough, we find ourselves getting caught up with unpaid bills and empty wallets in the blink of an eye. We ask ourselves, “Where did all the money go?” We scramble to track back the cash outflow from our bank statements, collating the many receipts we could find stuffed in our wallets, and rack our brains to think back on where the majority of our money was splurged to. The next moment, we spot something we desire and spend the


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8 Excuses Young People Use To Justify Their Spending

Admit it…when you are about to make a remorseful purchase, you will rationalize your spending with a whole lot of things. Oh how lovely it feels when you’ve refreshed your whole wardrobe! But, it may not be wise for your finances in the long run. From being stressed to needing to look good for a special occasion, here are 8 Excuses Young People Use To Justify Their (Unnecessary) Spending… 1. I HAD THE WORST DAY. I DESERVE THIS. Isn’t it