How to check if your savings are safe

How to check your saving are safe

When making an investment, one wants it naturally to be safe. Most investors make their moves only with secure projects that seem unshakable. Some even prefer investments that potentially generate less but are secure than investing in a something that is shaky but could be highly profitable in good circumstances. Surely there are investments, which are stable and generate a favourable income. However, as the international market grows increasingly interconnected, more and more investments and business areas can be effected



Tips for your Car Insurance in Singapore

Tip on Car Insurance

Do you know the feeling when walking from the closest MRT station towards your house and it simply takes forever? Driving around the island of Singapore is a true pleasure. One hardly ever encounters a traffic jam and generally gets quickly to any desired place. There isn’t any problem with pollution or a high car density. However, driving and owning a car in Singapore can be a costly undertaking. It is not only the car and its license that is