I’ve Finally Found The Perfect Customised Hair Treatment For My Hair Loss

You only live once, do whatever you want.

I heeded the above advice for my hair when I was young(er) so you can imagine all the crazy things I’ve done to my hair— colouring, perming, bleaching, and rebonding. You name it, I’ve probably done it.

It’s only when I started noticing significant hair loss that I stopped those hair “adventures”. And what I’m referring to is spotting a wider hairline and overall thinning over the years. The worst part was seeing an increasing bunch of hair strands on the floor when I cleaned my room at the end of the day. Certainly not a good feeling.

And that’s why when Topp Care Hair Solutions offered me to try out their customised hair treatment, I jumped on the opportunity with a million thanks.

Topp Care is located within Eastpoint Mall and it’s right beside Simei MRT station. I took the escalator up to the 3rd floor, walked a little, and spotted the outlet almost immediately.

About Topp Care Hair Solutions

Topp Care holds a US Trichology Institute certification and is a member of the British Herbal Medicine Association. Each step of every treatment uses products created from premium Western Botanicals (plant-derived) that can encourage hair growth and improve scalp health.

They offer solutions that cater to all ages, so whether it’s premature hair thinning or age-related greying concerns, Topp Care can help. All of their treatments are delivered by US Trichology Institute Certified Specialists as well as well-trained and experienced therapists, and they contain hair-friendly herbs including thyme, burdock, and aloe vera.

The Moment Of Revelation

The truth hurts, but to know the condition of my scalp, I had to brace myself for the 1-to-1 consultation. After I was asked to fill up a short questionnaire, my hair & scalp specialist, Helen, greeted me with a smile.

She explained that she would be using a scanning machine that can zoom in up to 200x to take a closer look at my scalp. I was nervous but also curious to see the condition of my scalp. As much as my hair looks okay on the outside, it isn’t that pretty on the inside.

While looking at the scans generated, Helen asked if I had sensitive skin. And yes, she was spot on. She then explained that the reddish spots noted on my scans are a clear indication, since our scalps are part of our skin as well. I had a scalp scan done years ago but don’t recall having these red-looking bumps so I immediately knew things had gotten quite bad.

Helen also explained that there was an excessive sebum build-up on my scalp, clogging up my hair follicles. The white-yellowish stuff surrounding it isn’t dandruff (to my surprise), but a combination of oil and the residues left from my hair dye.

And mind you, I’ve already cut down on hair colouring from once a month to once every 2 to 3 months due to the fear of aggravating my hair loss condition. Who would have thought that the residues left are causing problems too?

I was also enlightened that a healthy hair follicle should have 2 to 3 strands of hair growing out of it, but a close look at the scans revealed that many of my follicles only had a pathetic strand. And that’s why when that precious strand falls and no new ones grow from it, there goes my follicle — it goes into a resting phase and might never grow back. It’s upsetting but I guess that explains the increasing little bald spots on my head.

Do I feel bad? Yes, you bet. But thankfully, all is not too late.

Helen recommended that I do a Dead Sea Masque which can:

  • Control and optimise sebum production
  • Eliminate excess oil and dead skin from pores and follicles
  • Detoxify by soaking up impurities via thorough scalp cleansing

Just perfect for my oily scalp concern. Note: Depending on your scalp condition, a different treatment could be recommended.

My Actual Treatment Process

My customised treatment started with a deep scalp cleanse followed by a generous amount of Dead Sea Masque application to my roots. I was left to rest for 20 minutes and let the masque work its magic in softening the accumulated sebum and effectively removing oil clogs, so that my follicles can “breathe” again.

Before I knew it, time was up and I was ushered to the hair-washing area for a revitalising rinse.

The therapist who attended to me told me to always use my fingertips and never my nails when washing my hair, which I think is a good tip for all of us to note.

I loved how thorough she was, making sure to leave no masque residue during the process. I was also treated to a little massage during shampooing before a conditioner was applied to the ends of my hair to conclude the wash.

Back at my station, the staff applied a moisturising hair spray before blow-drying my hair and applying a hair ampoule directly to my roots.

This regenerating ampoule is able to:

  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Boost immunity of the scalp
  • Strengthen hair follicles to enhance anchoring of hair

And here comes my favourite part of the hair treatment—a soothing massage. The massage was not just for my scalp but for my neck and shoulders too. It felt really good and I secretly wished the massage would last forever.

But nope, onward to the next!

I was treated to a Hair Growth Laser that emits non-invasive lasers to awaken my hair follicles and speed up regeneration, which definitely helps with stimulating hair growth and reversing thinning. It was slightly warm, which I enjoyed. After 20 minutes, Helen came back to check on me before removing the laser and leading me back into the consultation room.

Post-Treatment Consultation

My head felt lighter and though I was wearing a surgical mask, I could smell the pleasant scent of all the products used on my tresses. Compared to the revelations during pre-treatment an hour ago, I was also a lot more confident to see the condition of my scalp post-treatment.

My scalp scan machine was back at work and voila! Take a look at my before and after shots:

If one session could get me results like that, how much improvement in my hair loss would I see in a few more sessions? Topp Care’s customised treatment works! Hands down.

I was also slightly amazed at how I woke up with a less greasy scalp the next morning and a lasting herbal fragrance from my treatment. Somehow or rather, my hair looks thicker and fuller too!

A Special Offer For You

You may have a different hair or scalp concern but there’s nothing Topp Care Hair Solutions can’t solve. If you want to see results for yourself, I suggest you book a customised hair treatment appointment with Topp Care at just $40 today.

You will get to enjoy a 75- to 90-minute reinvigorating session with Topp Care’s in-house specialists.

Click here to book your customised hair treatment @ $40 (U.P $309) now!

Topp Care Hair Solutions

Address: 3 Simei Street 6, #03-24, Eastpoint Mall, Singapore 528833

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 11 am – 9 pm; Weekend & PH: 10 am – 7 pm

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and promotions. You can also call them via 6645 3020 for booking or email [email protected] for more inquiries.

Enjoy your session!


Repair Damaged Hair with Beijing 101 to Get $10 Shopping Credit & a Chance to Win a 5-Star Staycation

In our quest for youthful looking hair, we often do things that damage our hair and scalp conditions. For instance, your straightening habits, frequent hot showers, blow-dry addiction, and regular hair dyes can bring more damage.

Damaged hair is fragile, and it tends to break. Hair breakage can leave us with unhealthy, frizzy hair. Fortunately for you, simple changes can prevent further hair damage.


Dandruff is a common scalp condition in which small pieces of dry skin flake off the scalp. The best way to treat your dandruff is to use the herbal mixture with anti-inflammatory properties.


Hair damage can manifest itself as having dry hair or split ends. If your hair feels coarse and rough, it might be begging you for protein. Fatty acids such as vitamin B5, Omega 3 and 6 can help replenish dry hair.

Having split ends serves as a cue for a haircut. For split ends, rubbing a dash of oil onto your ends can help minimize the split ends’ appearance and provide nourishment.


It is tempting to head over to the nearest hair salon after scrolling through endless hair inspo on your Instagram feed. Whether you opt for root touch ups, bleaching, or highlights, dyeing your hair can make it brittle and dry due to the chemicals that come along with it. If you have dyed your hair, you need to give it extra attention and care. Pamper your hair and scalp with expert hair treatments!


It is normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair in a day. However, you will need to act if you experience a sudden increase in your daily hair loss. Hair loss occurs due to several factors including stress, hormonal imbalance, and using harmful hair products.

Some ways to prevent hair loss include eating protein-rich food, staying hydrated, and seeking expert help. Beijing 101 can rescue you from further hair loss and damage!

With over 4 decades of experience, Beijing 101 has been dedicated to helping customers combat their hair issues such as hair loss, hair dye damage, split ends, dry hair, dandruff, oily scalp, and more.

When it comes to reducing hair damage, keeping your scalp healthy, and promoting hair growth, Beijing 101’s Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment can help!

Designed to deep clean your scalp, unclog hair follicles and promote hair growth to keep hair loss at bay, this effective hair treatment is highly recommended by Beijing 101’s customers.

Best of all? You can get the Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment at a trial price of $40 (U.P. $532), for a limited time only. Sign up here and receive $10 shopping credit after the treatment! Plus, stand a chance to win a 5-Star Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa Staycation!

Deeply cleanse your scalp and walk out with healthy, youthful looking hair with this treatment that includes the following steps:

1. 1 on 1 Consultation + Detailed Hair & Scalp Analysis

Your hair therapist will start off with a consultation to understand your lifestyle that may affect your hair health. Then followed by a scalp scan to assess your scalp’s health and find out the roots of the hair problems.

2. Customized Scalp Mask

Based on the results of the scan, your hair therapist will customize the herbal scalp mask using premium-grade Chinese herbs to give your hair the best care. The main herbal ingredients used for the Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment are Ling Zhi, Ginseng, and He Shou Wu. These ingredients are known for their rejuvenating, and anti-hair loss properties.

3. Herbal Tonic with Signature Meridian Massage

After washing off the herbal scalp mask, it is time for you to enjoy the signature Meridian scalp massage. First, a special tonic will be applied to provide more nutrients to the hair and scalp. Then, the meridian massage will begin which helps to stimulate hair growth.

4. Alpha LED Light

Your purifying treatment will cap off with the Alpha LED Light, which is a helmet-like device to place on your head. This improves blood circulation and promotes better hair growth. See improvements in just one session!

What are you waiting for? Repair your hair with the Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment at $40 (U.P. $532) and be rewarded with $10 Shopping Credit after the treatment. Sign up here!

This limited offer also comes with a chance to win a 5-Star Staycation at Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa. Visit the nearest Beijing 101 outlet now!

Century Square #04-03

Nex @Serangoon Central #04-08

Northpoint City (North Wing) #03-27

Bedok Mall #B1-55

Causeway Point #05-02A

Funan #B1-18

Jcube #B1-05



Want Healthier Hair? Pay more attention to your scalp

Healthy hair and non-greasy scalp is the goal that many people want to achieve. Nothing beats the charm of a lustrous hair and oil free scalp, with that you can style your hair and look great in any way you want it.

Healthy hair and scalp are difficult to maintain as they tend to get exposed to chemicals and pollution. But with advanced technology at TK Trichokare, fighting an unhealthy scalp has never been this easier.

Trichology – A Scientific Approach to Hair Care

Trichology is the medical term for the study of the health of hair and scalp, and a trichologist is someone who specialises in hair and scalp problems.

Did you know that the word Trichology comes from the Greek word “Trikhos” which means hair?

A trichologist often takes a holistic approach to treating your hair problems by considering your lifestyle, diet and general well-being, and then recommends lifestyle changes you should take to improve your scalp’s condition.

Trichologists treat wide range of common hair problems, such as thinning, breakage, shedding and dry or itchy scalp.

Combing Science with Nature

European herbs are known to be beneficial for your skin and are often used for its medicinal properties. Did you know, they are also beneficial for your scalp and hair growth?

Uniquely formulated with pure bio-extracts, TrichoKare European Herbal Hair Remedy is specially tested and prepared under stringent laboratory standards to fit all hair and scalp conditions. At TrichoKare, hair remedies are extracted carefully from European plant actives right from Nature’s source, so that you can indulge in the gentle care that these herbs bring while being free of harsh chemicals.

Premium herbs are used to strengthen hair follicles, darken your hair and for treatment in hair loss. These include:


Sage is known to use for treating inflammations, strengthening immune systems and skincare. It is also known as sage moisturise and darken hair that aid in hair loss prevention and dandruff treatment.


Nettle is mainly used to help detoxify the body, promotes healthy blood circulation and alleviates allergic reactions. You may have heard that it also helps to nourish hair follicles and encourages healthy hair as it is effective in hair loss treatment.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is commonly present in skincare products but are you aware that they are also used for hair treatments? Aloe Vera is used to improve blood circulation under the scalp and deliver nutrients to the hair follicles.

Only went for one treatment, I am amazed by the difference in my scalp condition. Say goodbye to itchy scalp, thanks to TK Trichokare for their effective customized hair treatment. I have tried many off the shelf products but none seems to be working for me. But with one treatment at Trichokare, the results are immediately visible.” – Kim, a satisfied customer of Trichokare

Intensive Hair Regeneration Treatment

Intensive Hair Regeneration treatment is a customized programme offered by TrichoKare that is tailored to each individual need, which includes a detox session involving a masque, deep cleansing wash, and TrichoKare’s newest technology – Oxyspray and infrared therapy.

The Intensive Hair Regeneration helps prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth and promote cellular activity.

Favoured By Many

With over a decade of experience, TrichoKare has established their credibility promoting healthy hair growth, preventing hair fall and hair loss, with public figures such as Xiaxue, Jaynesh and Anand experiencing first-hand their services.

For a Limited Time only –
Try out TrichoKare’s Award Winning Intensive Hair Regeneration Treatment @ $40 NETT + FREE Tricho Tech + FREE FolliGRO Ampoule (total worth $758).

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Award-Winning Hair Treatment at $40 ONLY + Hair Care Kit + HairGRO serum (U.P. $758).

Experience a customised hair treatment worth $758 at $40 ONLY!

Check this out and read the full review from our Editor.

You’ve heard about skin ageing and probably know a thing or two about it, but have you heard of hair ageing? We were surprised when we first heard about it from TrichoKare, a leading trichological centre that provides expert solutions on hair and scalp problems.

“Like skin, hair also ages intrinsically,” says TrichoKare’s Senior Trichologist, Jane Ang. She shared that pigment cells in our hair decreases with age, which slows down the production of melanin, resulting in greying hair. Lesser collagen and elastin also causes our hair to become dry and more brittle. In addition, the shrinking of the hair follicles results in thinner hair.

If you are concerned about thinning hair, greying hair or dry and lacklustre hair, TrichoKare is here to help. For a limited time only, you get to enjoy its new Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment + Hair Care Kit + HairGRO Serum at just $40 ONLY (U.P. $758). Stand a chance to win a 2D1N staycation at MBS (worth $680) after the trial treatment!


TrichoKare prides itself on delivering high-quality hair and scalp treatments to its clients. With a series of awards under its belt, it has most recently been awarded the ELLE Beauty Treat List 2017 for Best Treatment for Hair Loss and Parentsworld Beauty Awards 2017 for Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment. It is little wonder that celebrities such as Xiaxue, and radio hosts Anand and Jaynesh, have turned to TrichoKare to solve their hair care problems.

All treatments at TrichoKare are validated by professional Trichologists who specialise in the study and diagnosis of hair and scalp problems. Treatments are also customised based on individual hair and scalp conditions, and use only premium natural European herbs that are free of harsh chemicals.

Find out your hair age with the Advanced Tricho Hair Test!

Ms. Pooja Chhabra, Trichologist from TrichoKare, did the Advanced Tricho Hair Test with me to discover my hair age.


I was very surprised to find out that my hair age was close to a decade older than my actual age! She did a diagnosis of my scalp, and explained that I have a greasy scalp, with dry flakes and clogged pores that impedes hair growth. She also pointed out some premature grey hair, brittle and lacklustre hair, which she explained was the reason why my hair was ageing faster than it should.

Ms. Pooja then customised an Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment according to my hair and scalp conditions. At TrichoKare, rest assured that your treatment regime will be customised by their haircare experts according to your needs, to ensure that you get the most effective results.

The TrichoKare Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment


The Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment is specially developed to help men and women fight signs of ageing hair.



The treatment uses the Oxyjet Technology, which is an advanced innovation that uses pulsed oxygen pressure, whereby an infusion of 98% pure oxygen and nutrients are “shot” into the deep layers of the scalp. The active ingredients are able to penetrate deeply into the scalp without needles, which means it is all gentle, effective and safe! This process helps to promote hair growth and prevents hair loss.

The key ingredients used in the Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment are:

Emu Oil

  • Boost the diameter and thickness of each hair strand
  • Reactivate 80% of dormant hair follicles

Gingko Biloba extract

  • Counteract signs of scalp ageing
  • Boost collagen production to increase new hair growth

With this expertly designed hair treatment, it offers a multitude of benefits to your hair and scalp. The main benefits are that it helps to detox the scalp, strengthen hair roots, increase hair density, reverse grey hair, moisture and soften hair and restore hair lustre.

bg6 bg7

With just one treatment, I could immediately see the difference in my hair even without using the magnifying lens! I was very impressed to see that the dry flakes on the surface of my scalp were completely gone with just one session. My scalp felt clean and fresh, and my hair felt smooth and had a lustrous glow lasting several days.

Normally, my hair will start getting greasy in the afternoon my hair having had washed it in the morning. However, with TrichoKare, I felt that my hair stayed oil-free for more than 48 hours after the treatment! I was very pleased with how clean my scalp felt, which made such a big difference to someone like me who constantly struggle with greasy scalp problems.

For a limited time only, you can experience the Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment + Hair Care Kit + HairGRO serum at just $40 (U.P. $758). It’s definitely worth it!

Stand to win a 2D1N staycation at MBS (worth $680) after your trial treatment!

Visit http://tk-hair.com/mdapr/  to sign up for this exclusive deal now!




European herbal hair remedies can help prevent hair thinning

Everybody knows that the hairstyle you wear is very important as it frames your face. So many of us invest in an expensive haircut, perm or dye to look good. However, we often overlook the importance of scalp care, because it is after all hidden under all that hair.

Unfortunately, poor scalp condition affects how your hair looks, no matter how expensive your haircut was. But the good news is that TK TrichoKare is here to solve the root of all your hair and scalp problems!

Many have complained about scalp treatments being unpleasant smelling, and that the smell was hard to get rid of even after days of washing. However, TrichoKare selects time-honoured, trichologically-validated premium European Herbs instead of Chinese herbs as they not only smell better, they penetrate the scalp faster. Some of the herbs include:



A favourite medicinal herb for centuries, Burdock enjoys great popularity in Europe for various scalp treatments aimed at improving the strength, the shine and the thickness of the hair. It is also used in many herbal formulations to get rid of dandruff and scalp itch.



Rosemary is believed to slow down or even preventing premature hair loss and grey hair. When applied onto the roots and scalp, Rosemary is helpful in clearing many cases of dandruff and stubborn scalp problems while stimulating the follicles to grow thicker and fuller hair.



Highly valued by herbalists to nourish the hair follicles and encourages healthy hair, nettles’ highly nutritious contents and effectiveness have been used for many generations in different cultures. Other abilities of nettles, to add softness and shine while preventing the appearance of excessive white hair has also been noted.



Herbalists use the rich and unique oil from the jojoba to remove sebum from the scalp and dissolve follicle blockages. In addition, it delays aging through its unique antioxidant properties which protect the hair and scalp from free radical damage so your hair looks shiny and manageable.


At TrichoKare, you will receive a customised treatment where a certified trichologist or hair specialist will prescribe a unique combination of hair tonic and hair mask, according to your scalp’s unique needs.

‘Trichology’ is the medical term for the study of the health of hair and scalp, and a trichologist is someone who specialises in hair and scalp problems. A trichologist often takes a holistic approach to treating your hair problems by considering your lifestyle, diet and general wellbeing, and then recommends lifestyle changes you should take to improve your scalp’s condition. Trichologists treat wide range of common hair problems, such as thinning, breakage, shedding and dry or itchy scalp.

proven results final (1)

I have a flaky scalp for as long as I could remember. Previously, I would purchase medicated shampoos and consult dermatologists, who would give me oral tablets and more medicated shampoos as well. These options only offer short-term remedy, and my condition often acts up again after a few weeks or during periods of intense stress.

I decided to give TrichoKare a try. Gladys, a hair specialist, analysed my scalp situation and tailored a unique program for my condition, which included treatments such as Hot Mask, Scalp Rebalancing Essence, and Infra-red Light Treatment.

before after

After just one session, I could feel and see the results! My scalp pores were unclogged, the stubborn flakes were mostly removed, and my scalp feels smooth and cleansed. The care and concern they showed throughout the whole session made me feel more welcomed and ease as well. A few days on, my scalp still feels rejuvenated and there is noticeably and significantly less flakes (almost none, in fact!)



TrichoKare has been awarded the ELLE Beauty Treat List 2017 for Best Treatment for Hair Loss, Her World Spa Awards 2016 for Best Treatment for Damaged Hair, Harper’s BAZAAR Hair Awards 2016 for Best Sebum-Regulating Treatment for Oily Scalp, and Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2016 for Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment. Furthermore, public personalities such as Xiaxue, known for her crazily bleached and colourful hairstyles, have visited TrichoKare to have their hair problems solved, bearing testament to how effective their hair and scalp treatments are.

For only $40, try TrichoKare’s Award-winning Hair Densifying Treatment and FREE FolliGRO Ampoule + Energy Serum, worth $743). Extra perks: After the trial treatment, stand to win 2D1N staycation at MBS (worth $550)! Visit http://tk-hair.com/mdedm and sign up for this exclusive deal now!