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Want Healthier Hair? Pay more attention to your scalp

Healthy hair and non-greasy scalp is the goal that many people want to achieve. Nothing beats the charm of a lustrous hair and oil free scalp, with that you can style your hair and look great in any way you want it.

Healthy hair and scalp are difficult to maintain as they tend to get exposed to chemicals and pollution. But with advanced technology at TK Trichokare, fighting an unhealthy scalp has never been this easier.

Trichology – A Scientific Approach to Hair Care

Trichology is the medical term for the study of the health of hair and scalp, and a trichologist is someone who specialises in hair and scalp problems.

Did you know that the word Trichology comes from the Greek word “Trikhos” which means hair?

A trichologist often takes a holistic approach to treating your hair problems by considering your lifestyle, diet and general well-being, and then recommends lifestyle changes you should take to improve your scalp’s condition.

Trichologists treat wide range of common hair problems, such as thinning, breakage, shedding and dry or itchy scalp.

Combing Science with Nature

European herbs are known to be beneficial for your skin and are often used for its medicinal properties. Did you know, they are also beneficial for your scalp and hair growth?

Uniquely formulated with pure bio-extracts, TrichoKare European Herbal Hair Remedy is specially tested and prepared under stringent laboratory standards to fit all hair and scalp conditions. At TrichoKare, hair remedies are extracted carefully from European plant actives right from Nature’s source, so that you can indulge in the gentle care that these herbs bring while being free of harsh chemicals.

Premium herbs are used to strengthen hair follicles, darken your hair and for treatment in hair loss. These include:


Sage is known to use for treating inflammations, strengthening immune systems and skincare. It is also known as sage moisturise and darken hair that aid in hair loss prevention and dandruff treatment.


Nettle is mainly used to help detoxify the body, promotes healthy blood circulation and alleviates allergic reactions. You may have heard that it also helps to nourish hair follicles and encourages healthy hair as it is effective in hair loss treatment.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is commonly present in skincare products but are you aware that they are also used for hair treatments? Aloe Vera is used to improve blood circulation under the scalp and deliver nutrients to the hair follicles.

Only went for one treatment, I am amazed by the difference in my scalp condition. Say goodbye to itchy scalp, thanks to TK Trichokare for their effective customized hair treatment. I have tried many off the shelf products but none seems to be working for me. But with one treatment at Trichokare, the results are immediately visible.” – Kim, a satisfied customer of Trichokare

Intensive Hair Regeneration Treatment

Intensive Hair Regeneration treatment is a customized programme offered by TrichoKare that is tailored to each individual need, which includes a detox session involving a masque, deep cleansing wash, and TrichoKare’s newest technology – Oxyspray and infrared therapy.

The Intensive Hair Regeneration helps prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth and promote cellular activity.

Favoured By Many

With over a decade of experience, TrichoKare has established their credibility promoting healthy hair growth, preventing hair fall and hair loss, with public figures such as Xiaxue, Jaynesh and Anand experiencing first-hand their services.

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