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S$1 to RM3.40: Singapore dollar hits record high against the Malaysian ringgit

A new high against the Malaysian ringgit The Singapore dollar has reached a new record high against the ringgit today, 11 November. According to data from Forbes, the Singapore dollar has reached a new high of 1 SGD = RM3.400738.  Last week an article by Straits Times shows that analysts project the ringgit to drop to RM3.35 to RM3.45 range against Singdollar due to the ringgit volatility. With strong economic fundamentals, the Singapore dollar has remained resilient and has been



S$1 = 1000 KRW: Singapore dollar hits 13-year high against the Korean won

  Asian currencies have broadly declined against the buoyant US dollar, sliding to levels not seen since the Asian financial crisis. Among the worst-hit currencies is the Korean won which extended losses this month, dragged down by the U.S. Federal Reserve’s aggressive monetary tightening. South Korea which is export-dependant also comes under increasing pressure with higher oil prices and a deteriorating trade balance. On the flip side, the Singapore’s dollar has been resilient against the US dollar. To fight inflation



€1 = S$1.41: Singapore dollar now at all-time high against the euro

The Singapore dollar has hit an all-time high against the euro yesterday (Jul 12). The Singapore dollar reached a record high of S$1=€0.71 (or €1 = S$1.41) on Tuesday, up about 9% since the start of the year. Fear that an energy crisis in Europe and the war in Ukraine will plunge the region into a recession has caused the euro to depreciate. The slide of the euro also saw that it reaches parity against the US dollar in two decades.


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How To Carry Foreign Currency When Traveling

Armed with a debit card and a stack of American dollars, my significant other and I went on a vacation recently. We needed to unwind as we take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the city. One thing is for sure! It was a good idea for us to research on how to carry foreign currency in a country we have not been before. Consider the following methods to safely convert your money to foreign currency while