Love & Money: Finding Financial Compatibility in Relationships

Discussing finances in a relationship may not seem romantic, but it’s crucial for long-term success. Money often becomes a source of stress and addressing it early can prevent conflicts that extend beyond your wallet. On that note, here are some tips that you can follow when dating.


Financial compatibility involves aligning spending and saving habits with your partner. It’s about understanding each other’s beliefs about money and supporting individual and joint financial goals. This alignment determines whether money becomes a source of harmony or conflict in the relationship.

Furthermore, research shows that a significant percentage of couples break up due to financial disagreements. Being on the same page as your partner regarding money can help you avoid major conflicts and achieve financial goals faster.


Identifying signs of financial compatibility early on is crucial. Here are five indicators to look for:


Being able to discuss financial matters honestly and openly is essential. Avoiding or evading conversations about money can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in the future.


Is your partner using girl math when she purchases and often leaves some information to herself? Hiding purchases can lead to distrust and strain the relationship. On the flipside, feeling comfortable showing each other purchases indicates trust and financial alignment.


Observe your partner’s spending habits in the early stages of dating. Aligned spending priorities and trust in each other’s financial responsibility contribute to a harmonious relationship. Shared attitudes toward saving help achieve joint financial goals.


Similar earning levels and credit scores reduce resentment and imbalance in financial contributions. This alignment fosters stability and reduces conflicts over money.


Actively working together to pay off debts demonstrates financial responsibility and shared goals for stability.

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If you’re still uncertain about your financial compatibility, consider the following five questions to gain insight:

Are you inclined towards spending or saving? Understanding each other’s financial habits is essential.

Do you employ any budgeting or saving tools? Discussing your methods can reveal compatibility or areas for adjustment.

How do you approach debt? Addressing existing debts and future plans for repayment is vital.

Do you consistently pay off your credit card balance monthly? Aligning on responsible credit card usage can prevent future conflicts.

What is your annual income? Being transparent about earnings facilitates a clearer picture of your combined financial landscape.

These questions serve as a foundation for understanding each other’s financial philosophies and fostering open communication. Initiating these discussions at the right time allows for trust to develop and sets the stage for a financially secure future together. Expanding upon the importance of each point can provide a deeper understanding of financial compatibility and its role in relationship success.


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Open communication about finances sets the tone for honesty and transparency, building a strong foundation for trust. Transparency in purchases fosters an environment of mutual respect and understanding, essential for a healthy relationship. Mutual trust in spending habits ensures that financial decisions are made collaboratively, promoting unity and shared goals. Comparable income and credit scores contribute to a sense of fairness and equality, reducing potential sources of conflict. Joint effort in debt management demonstrates commitment and responsibility, strengthening the bond between partners. By addressing these aspects of financial compatibility, couples can navigate financial challenges with confidence and work towards a prosperous future together.


‘Tis the Season to Avoid Romance Scammers

Romance scammers profess their love quickly, without actually meeting you. This is the first sign of an online dating fraud. Online dating and sextortion scams can poke a deep hole in your wallet and your heart. Saying he or she loves you can be a tactic to make you give up personal details and answer security questions to open your bank accounts.

Guard your personal details and be wary of your new love interest by following these tips.


It is one thing to use slang and emojis, it is another to constantly commit grammatical errors. Sweetheart scammers are often operating outside of Singapore, so pay attention for grammatical errors and misspelled words.


A surefire way to get to know someone is by meeting them in person. Choose a safe, public space that will make you feel comfortable. If your sweetheart scammer refuses to meet you in person after asking multiple times, take it as a sign that he or she is probably lying to you.

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Strangers asking you for favors and money send a red flag. Consult your trusted friend and family members if you are unsure of an online relationship. It is best to avoid giving money to strangers.


Do your research by typing his or her name on Google and social media platforms. Your snooping habits should give you a clear impression if the person is real or a catfish. Remember to reverse search their social media profile images through Google.


Sextortion is a serious crime that involves a perpetrator threatening to publish private and explicit information to others if you do not give in to the perpetrator’s demands. These demands usually involve money or sexual favors. Despite how deep your affection is towards a person, please avoid sending sensitive, personal photos.

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Get to know the person better. Cross-check a person’s name, photo, location, email address and other details for legitimacy.

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Inexpensive Alternatives to Diamond Rings

You are one step closer to the aisle. Congratulations! Tradition dictates that you pop the question with a ring. With the variety of engagement rings in Singapore, how will you find the “perfect” one?

Diamonds are considered a classic choice for engagement rings. You see, diamonds are one of the strongest naturally occurring substances on earth and are capable of withstanding almost anything. It symbolizes the kind of commitment that comes with marriage. However, diamond rings may not be the best choice for everyone. If you are looking for a less expensive or a more unique engagement ring, you may consider a diamond alternative instead. Look at these five beautiful gemstones that can suit your partner’s taste!

#1: RUBY

Classic and bold are words that encapsulate the beauty of rubies. Ruby is the gemstone of love. Its visually pleasing color comes in shades of deep pink to red. It makes a wonderful contrast when paired with yellow or white metals.

Suitable for everyday wear, rubies are certainly durable. When it comes to its price, ruby is not as inexpensive as the other gemstones. Rubies are priced higher per carat than any other colored gems.


In the past several years, moissanite has become increasingly popular as a diamond alternative. It not only resembles a diamond, but also sells at a fraction of the price of the diamond. Active brides can benefit from the durability of moissanite gemstones. After all, moissanites are the second hardest gemstone used in jewelry making today.


Looking for your “something blue”? Opt for a serene and elegant choice such as the light blue aquamarine. Part of the beryl family, aquamarine can be a beautiful family heirloom. Just ensure that you keep it separately from other jewels and polish it over the years. With its hardness rating of 7.5-8, aquamarine can be scratched by diamonds and sapphires.


With its glistening green hue, emeralds are a gorgeous choice for an engagement ring. Emeralds are customizable. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to easily fit your dream ring.

Like aquamarine, emeralds have a hardness rating of about 7.5. Thus, it will require a little more attention and care when being stored or worn. The most appealing emeralds come in deep green with a highly transparent appearance.


Sapphire is a precious gemstone known for its elegance and durability. Sapphires are one of the hardest diamond alternatives and are ideal for everyday wear. It is made to last a lifetime. Moreover, there is less upkeep with these gemstones.

Sapphires are usually less expensive than diamonds of similar carat weight and shape. Because of this, white sapphires are highly sought after as an alternative to diamonds for engagement rings. Couples who are eager to maximize the size of the center stone while staying within a budget can opt for a sapphire.

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As you start this life-changing journey, remember what the ring symbolizes for you and your partner. As J.W. Lord put into writing:

“A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment; a promise, a pledge, and a vow. The promise is to forsake all others, to stay devoted and true; the pledge is to honor that promise selflessly, to see the whole thing through; and the vow is to keep that pledge unwaveringly, until the days are few. It is a mutual agreement to become one instead of two.”

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5 Exciting Spots for Valentine’s Day Dates in Singapore

Take your special someone or gather your beloved squad for a memorable Valentine’s Day date!

The day of love is just around the corner. If you are scrolling through this list, there is a chance that you might be out of ideas on how to impress your significant other. Whether you are still looking for the perfect gift or the perfect experience, here are some exciting spots that you can visit in Singapore. May you enjoy your romantic time together!


Similar to embroidery or knitting, tufting is a type of textile craft in which a thread is inserted on a primary base. It is traditionally used for making rugs. Since then, it has made its comeback and has won the hearts of many.

What better place to take your significant other than at the first tufting studio in Singapore? Nestled in a two-story shophouse along Circular Road, Tuft Club offers workshops for tufting a rug and more. You will be guided by staff members on how to operate a tufting gun and how to use different techniques throughout the session.

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Their 4.5-hour session costs S$195 per person. Book here.


Spend a day with bae at a place filled with flowers and greenery – visit Gardens by the Bay! Let your romantic side shine through as you feast your eyes with colorful floral arrangements, indoor waterfalls, and attractions like the Flower Dome.

From now until 20 Feb, Flower Dome displays the “Dahlia Dreams”. Admire the field of over 2,000 blossoming dahlias made up of over 70 cultivars. What’s more? The larger-than-life floral lanterns featuring peonies and narcissuses are a part of the River Hongbao’s display. All these come with spectacular lights in the evenings!

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To secure your spot in advance, you can book your ticket online here.


Let your squad figure out what’s real and what isn’t at HeadRock VR. Singapore’s first VR experience makes for an entertaining Valentine’s Day date. Play with reality as you choose between eight different thematic attractions. If your friends or your partner enjoy trying new things, this can be ticked off your bucket list!

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Price for the HeadRock VR Single Play + Cable Car ride starts at S$13 (T&Cs apply). As HeadRock VR is in Sentosa Island, you can combine your booking with other attractions like Universal Studios.


Indulge on a sweet date at the Museum of Ice Cream. The museum recently launched a playful romance-themed attraction that allows its guests to explore the definitions of intimacy, whether as a couple or as friends.

Share memories with your loved ones at the Cone-nection Cube. Here, you will be completing a series of quests that will enhance your bond. Along the way, you will encounter new Instagrammable corners including a mirrored disco room. Feel free to snap a sweet moment together!

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Best of all? All visitors will be given a complimentary Hendrick’s Lunar Gin cocktail and unlimited sweet treats as part of the experience. You can buy your tickets here.


Sweep your lover off her feet by taking her on an escapade at a Moroccan-inspired cafe called La Fez. Check out their menu that is sprinkled with Middle Eastern delights. Apart from this, you can indulge on a Sultana High Tea Set, which is priced at S$45.90 for 2 persons.

This set is served on an opulent-looking tiered tray consisting of a mixture of sweet and savory nibbles as well as Khubtz Beef Brioche and Tashelhit Salmon Brioche, to name a few.

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This weekend, you can celebrate Valentine’s or Galentine’s day with them by snacking on their complimentary dessert. Only one complimentary dessert will be served per table and with a minimum order of a main (T&Cs apply).

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Sensible Strategies To Split Expenses with Your Partner

There is truth to the idiomatic expression – “it takes two to tango”. With a relationship that spans for nearly a decade, I came to realize that giving and taking is an essential element to success. Arriving at an agreeable place avoids potential conflicts from rising. Compromise is vital when it comes to financial matters.

Who would be primarily responsible to pay the bills or to account for outstanding debts? Use the following strategies to help you split the expenses.


Living together entails the discussion of bills, loans, and other expenses. The most concrete way to divide an expense is to split it in half. From groceries to rent, you may share the household responsibilities by contributing an equal amount of money.

Keep track of your purchases and bills by creating a document or a spreadsheet file. You may want to consider setting a monthly price threshold to avoid conflicts.


If you and your partner belong to similar salary divisions, the first strategy is beneficial. However, it can be difficult to split everything by 50-50 if you belong to both ends of the salary spectrum. Contributing S$1,000 per month to the household expenses may mean nothing to you. While, it can mean everything to others!

One of the most sustainable ways to conquer this situation is to contribute a certain percentage of your income. For instance, you can agree to allocate 30% of your income towards household expenses and other miscellanous. Both parters will be paying the same percentage to other expense categories such as utilities and transportation.


Some couples prefer to establish a joint account with a foundation of trust and mutual understanding. With this account, you may allocate a percentage for entertainment. Entertainment includes funds for hobbies as well as vacations. Maintaining an account to fund an expensive vacation allows you to team up to achieve a common financial goal.

Motivation is elevated as you work together. Furthermore, your dual streams of income widens the resources for your funds.


Another strategy that can be just as effective is separating the expense categories based on one’s financial capacity. You will be responsible to pay for specific bills from your own account or savings.

Under this strategy, each person remains their individual bank accounts and identifies which expense they are responsible for. According to Andrea Rizk, the founder and CEO of of Risk Public Relations, this arrangement maintains maximum financial independence.

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At the end of the day, you must choose a strategy that works well with your personalities and relationship dynamics.

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