Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas For Adrenaline Junkies In Singapore

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion wherein you get to show your affection and to reconnect with the people you care most for. Whether you are celebrating with your spouse, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your group of friends, your family, or yourself – go on an adventure this Valentine’s Day with this fun activities that cost under S$55…


Aside from riding roller coasters, taking your date on exciting and seemingly dangerous situations can boost the levels of hormones that are mainly responsible for making people fall in love or feel euphoria.

This is why, couples may consider the extreme surge of G-MAX REVERSE BUNGY or GX-5 EXTREME SWING at Clarke Quay. These two rides designed in New Zealand, the home of Bungee, to ensure it is 100% safe. The G-MAX Reverse Bungy catapults you up to 200 km/h in a steel capsule while the GX-5 Xtreme Swing acts like a giant swing that speeds up to 120km/h. What a thrilling experience indeed!

One ride costs about S$45 (different student rate applies)


For all the single people who decide to celebrate together as a powerful group, take on an enjoyable challenge by playing Bubble Soccer. Bubble Bump Singapore offers bubble games where players wear inflatable balls in an attempt to win in a Soccer match. Each suit are harnessed and equipped to make sure your fall will be relatively painless.

One date with your friends can surely bring loads of laughter as you start the full-on bouncing action just to score a goal. A casual fun game including 10 bubble suits, 2 facilitator, equipments, and photography starts with S$15/pax (i.e., 20 people). For more information, visit:


If you cannot leave your kiddos this February 14, try to bring them along on a fun date at a water amusement park. One of Singapore’s largest water theme parks called “Wild Wild Wet“ offers exhilarating rides at inexpensive prices. As Valentine’s Day fall on a Sunday, it follows the peak price of S$24 for adults and S$17 for children and senior citizens. While, toddlers are free to swim all year round! Cheaper prices are in store for NTUC members and Plus! cardholders.

Once you are there, brave the rapids with Ular-Lah, make your way to wacky the crazy turns of The Waterworks, and so much more. Also, you may take part in their online contest (until February 8) to win exclusive Wild Wild Wet prizes!


Being #ForeverAlone on the day of hearts does not give you the free pass to sob on the corner. Instead, try something new and exciting by taking the leap of faith. If you happen to be in Sentosa, do the “ParaJump” attraction including the Jungle Ride for S$19. ParaJump replicates a free-fall parachute jump through its safety harness and experienced staff.

I have to admit…I am fearful of heights but after trying this, I felt a surge of fulfillment and happiness. Beyond the fear, the experience was unforgettable.

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Cost-Effective Gifts Your Special Someone Would Really Want

You do not have to splurge so much to give your boyfriend or girlfriend a really great gift. Explore your options and budget with these gift ideas…


Making unforgettable memories is important in a lasting relationship. No matter how far in advance the show is, if you think she is into it then, buy the tickets. This way, you two will have a date night to look forward too.

Eventbrite Singapore showcases a list of events happening nationwide. Currently, Lee Foundation Theatre is having ticket sales on the “Then & Now” concert by Singapore Wind Symphony (SWS). The concert features previous music director Joost Flach, who played a crucial role in shaping SWS as well as the up and coming young conductor named Seow Yibin. General tickets are sold at S$16.63, here.

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)


Want to make those unforgettable memories last longer? Take pictures of it then, collate them into an album. It is really simple to make a scrapbook full of photos and it does not have to be perfect as long as it comes from your heart. The sentimental value adds points to your relationship.

If you are looking for a shop that prints your photos conveniently, look no further. PixaRoll, an online shop that transforms your memories into keepsakes such as stickers and stamps, offers photo printing for as low as S$12 (12 pieces of 3.5 x 3.5 inch square prints). Or, you can make a digital photo album and have it printed at Photobook Singapore for as low as S$34 (40 pages of 6 x 6 inch album).

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)


Nothing screams romance more than a home-cooked dinner. Just cook a two-course meal at your house and purchase a meal from your favorite restaurant in case something bad happens. If you want to spice things up you may:

a. Put scented candles: IKEA sells a pack of 12 small scented candles for S$7.90.

b. Put flowers on the center of the table: Floral Garage Singapore sells freestyle bouquets for only S$29.90. Tell them how you are feeling and briefly describe your love story so they can create a bouquet that complements your relationship.

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)


In the digital age, a handwritten love letter is both utterly unique and undeniably special. Write your girlfriend or boyfriend a series of affectionate letters with various messages of being thankful, sorry, and in love. For example, you may highlight these titles on top:

a. “You need to know how much I adore you.”
b. “I made you mad and I am deeply sorry.”

Best of all? Colored and designed papers cost only S$3 and less at Popular Bookstore or Daiso.

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Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)


3 Delicious Valentine’s Day Dining Places Under S$50

They say that a quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you desire to impress your loved one without breaking the bank then brace yourself as I lay out the 3 Delicious Valentine’s Day Dining Places in Singapore That Are Under S$50…


Who would have thought that affordable yet scrumptious French cuisine exists in Singapore? Young chefs named Joshua and Dylan paved way for casual dining that serves renowned French dishes at reasonable prices.

Your special someone would definitely enjoy the simple ambiance and the taste of food that is raved all over the social media. One user even wrote on that it was “90% as good as the dish served in Paris”.

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Delicately handmade “Duck Confit” and “Seafood Pasta with Tiger Prawn and Lumpfish Caviar” are crowd pleasers. Their main courses start from S$10 while their desserts are S$7 and up. Generally, the menu’s maximum price is S$30. Saveur has various locations around the country namely in: Ion Orchard, Far East Plaza, and Purvis Street.


If your partner is looking to try something different then feast your way to Haji Lane where Piedra Negra Restaurant is located. Piedra Negra is a Mexican restaurant with “hippy” vibe, cultural ensembles, and colorful graffiti walls. Much like Saveur, the menu generally is S$30 and under.

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The restaurant takes up two units and specializes on Latin American cuisine. If you are an expat looking forward for a taste of home then try their amazing handmade Guacamole that is certified fresh.


Named after the late Queen of France, Antoinette boasts its interior beauty that is known for its Parisian style tea and pastries. Antoinette’s selection of lavish treated and handmade dishes will be perfect for celebrating your perfect date. It is established by the Sugar Daddy Group.

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Image Credits:

Take your girl friends on a Valentine’s day lunch for high tea and ladies’ luncheons that you all can enjoy. Food generally ranges from S$5 to S$30. Honorary dishes include the “Beef Bourguignon” and the “Gnocci Carbonara”. If you are a dessert lover then I suggest for you to try the “Antoinette”, a sinful serving of Earl Grey ice cream, raspberry jelly, and milk chocolate shards.


Couples, Who Should Pay The Bill On A Date?

The unspoken sentiment of “Who should pay the bill?” has been a hot debate over the years. Its answer however, changes over time.

The arrival of professional women in the workforce was delayed in most countries due to being denied to universities. For instance, Cambridge University only fully embraced women students during the late 1947. Across time there was an increase of women laborers in factories (e.g., textile or machinery). The 20th century solidified women and their rights in the workforce.

The younger generations were raised to empower equality in the household. Moreover, the quality of life is getting harder as economies fail. And so, there is a great need for both men and women to work regardless of social norms.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for women to be earning more than the men they are dating or are married with. In fact, a study by Prudential Company in 2012 showed that approximately 53% of the sample was made up of women breadwinners.

Since both sexes are relatively equals, it will be interesting to know the opinion of the population regarding who should pay the bill. A poll by Cosmopolitan investigated that. According to the poll, less than 25% of women believe that their partners should always pay for the bill. And, about 40% of women think that couples shall always split the bill.

Image Credits: TheeErin via Flickr

Image Credits: TheeErin via Flickr

The results of this poll only highlight the fact that more women feel empowered to share the expenses. Although, 50% of women think splitting the bill can hurt the romance between two people.

Why would going halfsies hurt the romance between two people? Well…gender stereotypes that it may emasculate the male mate and even social norms impose against it. Furthermore, California therapist Susan Axtell says, “we’re more independent than ever but many women today still want to feel taken care of”. These irrational thoughts may hinder further verbalization of the desire to share the expense.

On the other hand, four out of five men believe that they should always pay for the bills on their dates or at least until the relationship is established.

The key to addressing this issue is to value each other’s money and to treat each other once in a while.