KFC offering 1-FOR-1 deals from now till 23 Jun 24

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KFC is here to delight your taste buds and double your satisfaction with its unbeatable 1-for-1 App Exclusive deals!

From 27 May to 23 June 2024, you can enjoy twice the deliciousness for half the price. Let’s dive into the details of these fantastic weekly offers.

Week 1 (27 May – 2 June): 1-FOR-1 Zinger Box, Famous Potato Bowl & Original Recipe Riser 🍔

Kick off the month with a bang! Treat yourself to the iconic Zinger Box, packed with a juicy Zinger burger, crispy fries, refreshing drink, and creamy coleslaw. Don’t forget to pair it with the rich and savory Famous Potato Bowl. It’s a combo you won’t want to miss!

Week 2 (3 June – 9 June): 1-FOR-1 2pcs Chicken, Smokey Hot Zinger & Original Recipe Twister 🍗

The excitement continues into Week 2 with KFC’s succulent 2pcs Chicken deal. Enjoy the perfectly seasoned, crispy chicken paired with the fiery and flavorful Smokey Hot Zinger. It’s a duo that’s sure to ignite your taste buds!

Week 3 (10 June – 16 June): 1-FOR-1 ETC Burger, 5pcs Crispy Tenders & Pancakes Platter🍔

Mid-June brings a delightful twist with the ETC Burger and 5pcs Crispy Tenders. The ETC Burger, with its delicious blend of cheese and tangy sauce, complements the crunchy and juicy Crispy Tenders perfectly. This combo is a treat you deserve.

Week 4 (17 June – 23 June): 1-FOR-1 2pcs Chicken, BBQ Pockett & American Twister🍗

Wrap up this mouthwatering journey with the classic 2pcs Chicken and the unique BBQ Pockett. Enjoy the timeless taste of KFC’s chicken along with the smoky, barbecue-flavored Pockett. It’s the perfect end to a month of delectable deals.

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