EN Grill & Bar: 1-for-1 Japanese Wagyu Hamburg (1 – 31 May 2015)

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For those who haven’t tried EN Grill & Bar, this could be your chance to satiate your palate with their award-winning Motobu Wagyu imported directly from Yanbaru ranch in Okinawa.

This premium beef has 7 wins from the Okinawa Stock Raising Expo under its belt since 2006.

Their menu boasts a varieties of wagyu inspired dishes from wagyu steaks to wagyu sumibi yaki.

The cattle are given a unique, fermented feed with added lactic acid bacterium and brewer’s grains that are drained from Orion Beer. With this feed it contain a lot of dietary fibers, which increases unsaturated fatty acids. It is said that the taste of beef is affected by the ratio of unsaturated fatty acid. The beef of Motobu ranch has a higher ratio of unsaturated fatty acid at 58% compared to general Kuroge Wagyu (Black Japanese Beef) which has 55%. As a result, Motobu farm have come to produce beef that is tender and sweet in flavor.

Wagyu Premium

For the entire month of May, enjoy 1-for-1 Japanese Wagyu Hamburg if you are a J Passport member! Choose from 6 mouth-watering wagyu hamburg. (U.P $16 – $18 each)

Just flash the coupon on your mobile to redeem the offer.

1 for 1 wagyu

Hamburg Promo

Valid till 31 May 2015.

If you are not a J Passport member, sign up for free here: https://www.passp.asia/engrillbar

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