Common Challenges Students Face In The First Year Of College

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Living on your own for the first time can be challenging for students. Here is a list of common challenges you might face in the initial days of your college.

Many of you hope to earn a college degree and improve your livelihood at work and home.

Therefore, after students begin their college experience, they often face difficulties that might seem impossible. These barriers can prevent some students from obtaining those dreams and hopes.

Similarly, students have more freedom to focus on academics when they have the support they need.

In this article, we will discuss certain common challenges that you might encounter in the early days of college life.

List Of Common Challenges Students Face In College

Here is a list of common challenges you might face in the initial days of your college.

1. Time Management

In the vortex of college life, students often grapple with time management issues, which is as common as the morning tea routine.

For many of you, college courses require more effort than high school classes. Similarly, most high schools and universities often pack two years of content in one year of coursework.

Many secure 15 credits, while others cram it up with 18 to 21 credits. At the time, it might be impossible for you to score.

Therefore, know your limits. If you cannot handle 20 credits in one semester, you must go slow and obtain it by the end of the college term.

2. Financial Problem

Financial stress significantly impacts the student’s ability to succeed both socially and academically.

Many of you are studying on student loans. Thus, repaying student debt after graduation becomes a burden.

Therefore, the above-mentioned factors can negatively impact the student’s mental health.

Moreover, worrying about finances might cater to mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

3. Difficulty Managing Commitments

Balancing time commitments is another compelling issue students face in their early college days.

Many of you juggle part-time jobs, assignment submission, studying for examinations, and managing home chores. Increasing responsibilities, setting priorities and working on a specific schedule is challenging.

On the other hand, many of you might need help managing time effectively, prioritizing tasks, and seeking help when needed.

However, responsibilities can overwhelm students, especially those who have yet to attend college.

Thus, it is advised that colleges and universities help students find time management techniques that work best for them.

4. Inadequate Academic Preparedness

It might be common for you to realize that you must prepare more than in the previous academic years.

If you are not prepared, the underprepared students likely need remedial classes. This will eventually help to attain a base level of academic competency.

Furthermore, managing coursework, social commitments, and a part-time job might be a little overwhelming for you to handle. In addition, you might invest less time in studies or completing your assignments.

Considering the problem, we suggest you enroll for PSLE Maths tutions from Bluetree Education Centre. The professionals will help you learn the best techniques to solve math problems and guide you in securing excellent grades.

5. Examination Anxiety

Exam anxiety is something that is emerging as a silent adversary for many students.

Thus, this palpable stress before any examination, fear of underperforming pain, and sleepless nights fueled by worry paint a vivid picture of this shared struggle.

Therefore, this overwhelming student issue can intensify your anxiety and then later lead to depression.

To overcome the issue, you must adopt a practical solution to creating a comprehensive environment, promote effective learning habits, and boost open communication.

6. Feeling Homesick

Another common challenge that you might face as a college student is the feeling of homesickness.

Therefore, it might be missing Sunday dinners or going on weekend trips with friends that make you feel upset about being back home.

Thus, to overcome the issue, you can join different clubs, build a university family, attend events, take your roommate with you, and make the unfamiliar feel a bit at home.

Wrapping Up

Thus, the challenges students face in college can impact their ability to overcome and complete their studies.

Moreover, every student is unique, and student advisors must understand individuals’ issues and work with them to overcome them.

In addition, you can also use innovative solutions to examine and mitigate the issues you face, even if you have limited resources.


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