Top 4 Italian Restaurants In Singapore

 From LINO to Altro Zafferano, there are many top restaurants in Singapore to try. Look down to learn more.

Singapore is the hub of diversity. With people from various countries residing together, it is understandable their culture will rub onto the natives. Similarly, Italians have rubbed their culture on Asians. This has led to the increased popularity of Italian cuisine in the nation.

Italian cuisine isn’t restricted to pizza and pasta. Rather, the traditional Italian dishes are slowly gaining pace in the country. Furthermore, it has led to the opening of top-quality Italian restaurants all over Singapore City and elsewhere.

Therefore, if you visit the city, you might want to peep into a few of them. That way, you can taste the essence of Italian cuisine in Singapore. So, to ease your pressure on the best ones, you might want to look at the next section.

Top Italian Restaurants In Singapore

Singapore is the food hub of the world. You can find almost every dish in the state, as the people are passionate about their food. Similarly, they have taken a keen interest in Italian cuisine, and led to the formation of best dining places.

Here are a few of them –

La Bottega Enoteca

If you are looking to try an authentic pizza place, then you can try La Bottega Enoteca. The place serves the best Naples pizza, which is simply made with simple ingredients. That way, it won’t hurt your stomach or the pocket pinch.

In the restaurant, you can get pizzas for 24 USD, which is a steal for the price. Also, if you are looking for a dessert, then Tiramisu, which comes at 15 USD, is a must-try. So, try out the place with your family and friends and enjoy its serene nature.

Altro Zafferano

If you want the best food and the view, then the restaurant should be at the top of your list. Their head chef, Andrea De Paola, is a master of Italian cuisine and serves the best traditional dishes. From spaghetti to all kinds of pasta, the menu contains almost everything to satisfy your cravings.

You can also try the chef’s menu, which is 140 USD for four courses. That way, you can taste the favorite dishes of Paola and float in the ecstasy of the beautiful aroma. The place is amazing and perfect for hanging out with your family and friends. No wonder people call it the best Italian restaurant in Singapore.


LINO is one of the most affordable restaurants in Singapore. It serves pizza starting at 24 USD and pasta starting at 25 USD. It is absolutely pocket friendly for college-goers who want to hang out with their friends. Among the best ones, you can try the burrata pizza and beef ribs, which are the main USP of the restaurants.

Also, the dining place has a kid’s menu for 18 USD, where young kids can get the best taste of Italian cuisine. It comes with a pizza or pasta, juice, and a dessert to complete the whole dish. Hence, it is the best after-college place and basks in the high-quality food the place offers.

Bar Cicheti

We often love to open the kitchen, and there is none better than Bar Cicheti. The place serves hand-made pasta that is absolutely fresh. Besides, bucatini cacio e pepe is a major highlight and a must-try.

Not to mention, they also serve top-notch seafood dishes at 35 USD. You can taste them with Italian label wines. The place has a note-worthy wine list, which will ensure that your glass is filled with wine, even if you are sitting idle.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we can say that many Italian restaurants exist in Singapore. However, the ones mentioned in the above discussion are the best ones. You can visit them any time of the year and enjoy Italian cuisine.


Here are a few frequently asked questions –

How many Michelin-starred restaurants does Singapore have?

55 Michelin-starred restaurants are in Singapore.

What is the number 1 Italian restaurant outside Italy?

Da Vittorio Shanghai is the best Italian restaurant outside Italy.

What is the number 1 most popular Italian meal?

Pizza is the number one popular Italian meal.

What is the second best Italian restaurant in the world?

Don Alfonso 1890 is the second best Italian restaurant in the world.

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