Are International Schools Expensive: What You Need To Know

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Most parents think all the international schools are expensive and the reason is because of the facilities it has to offer. Well, you can say that due to the facilities like swimming pool, music rooms, playgrounds are expensive to maintain, but this is not the only reason.

So, why do international schools are expensive? The answer is simple.

More than 80% of the student’s fees are given to the teachers in salary. Face it, you cannot recruit a good teacher with low salaries. And as we know, international schools are all about having trained and qualified teachers.

In addition to these salaries, students are covered with medical insurance benefits, housing allowances, books’ costs, and study materials.

Why Is the International Education System Expensive?

This is a question that almost every parent would like to know the answer to. However, before you ask this same question, you must understand why these international schools are so expensive.

When we talk about international schools, there is an old saying, “You get what you pay for”. This saying perfectly complements the doubts over the international school being too expensive. Despite that you want to look for a budgeted school, this might be one of the affordable international school in Singapore.

There are many aspects of an international school that is reflected in the high term fees. The following might be able to make your understanding better.

1. Best Teacher

International schools are all about having the best teachers to guide the students. No matter which international you take, you will find that most teachers have experience teaching from all around the world. This makes them carry a lot of teaching experience that can help the students.

If teachers like those are being invited to teach in school, it is obvious that they will look for a salary that satisfies their needs. This is one of the main reasons why international schools are expensive.

2. Top Class Amenities

An international school means your child will have top-class amenities at their disposal. Whether we are talking about a swimming pool, playgrounds, canteen, medical facilities, science lab, and library, there is no way you will not have to pay for all of these.

The international school ensures that students have adequate space to perform several activities to help them learn and grow. In addition to that, these are considerable investments that need contact maintenance.

3. Supporting Staff

What do you think, an international school is where your children will cook and clean on their own? No! For that, every international school has supportive staff members responsible for taking care of the children and school.

With roles like:

  • Campus security.
  • Office staff.
  • Medical staff.
  • Maintenance staff.

The school will more likely employ local people to take off the schools and its areas. This certainly needs investment to some extent.

4. School Dinner

Of course, the international school needs to have a fully functional kitchen to ensure every student is well fed. When you are not around your child, you would expect that your child would get the right food at the right time. International schools invest a lot in food to ensure all the students eat healthily and remain healthy.

5. Teacher-Student Ratio

With the local public schools, you might find one teacher teaching more than 100 students. But that is not the case of international schools. With the international school, the student-teacher ratio is maintained to ensure good communication between student and teacher.

Hence, keeping classes small means the cost of one class must be shared with fewer parents. This also adds to the value of international school fees.

Benefits Of An International School

The best thing about the international school is that it offers high-quality educational facilities that prepare the students to face the world from the get-go. In addition to that, if your child passes an international school with 3 A level passes, he/she will literally get the chance of choosing the university to continue with their higher studies.

International schools are not the investment you make; it’s an investment that you make on your children for their bright future.

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