24 Fancy Food Tips For A Party: Make Your Food Look Amazing!

Today, you won’t surprise your guests with layers of fruits, cheese and sausages just laid out on plates.

But even the simplest snacks can be designed so creatively that even the usual ingredients will look amazing! Add some beautiful serving and decor like handmade compositions from twisting latex balloons like these https://balloons.online/latex-balloons/twisting-latex-balloons/, fresh flowers and led garlands, and your table will turn into a real art object!

We want to share with you these 24 top food tips for your party to make your festive table look majestic!


  1. Cheese platter: arrange the cheese slices in rows in a semicircle. Roll the thick and pliable cheese slices into a shape that resembles a calla flower and spread them all over the plate.
  2. Honey and nuts: place the bowl in the center or at one of the edges of the dish, making it the focal point of the composition.
  3. Hot dishes: serve individual portions, adding some figuratively chopped vegetables, circles or strips of cucumbers, greenery, and cherry tomatoes, as well as curls of oranges, pineapple slices, sprigs of needles, red berries.
  4. Meat: roll the slices, make horns and roses, or just fold them in half nicely. Decorate the plate with red berries (lingonberries, currants, grapes).
  5. Fish platter: bend fish slices into spirals and lay them out in rows or place them in the center of the composition, garnished with lemon wedges and olives. Roll slices of salmon in the shape of roses or loops. Red caviar can be served on chips or boiled egg halves.
  6. Salads: various decoration ideas make it possible to create a recipe that fits the theme of any party. Vegetable salads can be garnished with herbs, berries, fruit wedges, and nuts.

Table setting ideas:

  1.   serve the table with light-colored dishes with dark-colored tablecloths and vice versa;
  2.   use cloth napkins folded nicely, secure them with satin ribbons or twine;
  3.   decorate the table with spices, fruits, coffee beans, salad leaves, fabric ribbons, silver balls, rings, decorative figurines, small bouquets for each guest;
  4.   create several compositions of helium balloons and fix them on the table using strings;
  5.   use name cards with a nice font and vignettes as a small but significant decoration detail;
  6.   place a fruit vase with gift boxes tied with a red ribbon in the center of the table;
  7.   arrange a garland of small latex balloons of 1-2 colors, which will beautifully separate the table in two halves;
  8.   a large helium balloon attached by a net to a heavy basket full of fresh flowers will make a great table centerpiece;
  9.   lay out satin napkins on the plates, put small metal balls with gifts for guests on top of them;
  10.   order small balloons on sticks filled with confetti or sequins and put them into tiny vases;
  11.   in the center of the table, place vases with natural or artificial flowers, that will complement silver or gold balls in fruit vases and colorful ribbons on sugar bowls;
  12.   tie tiny bowls with snacks and sauces to bundles of helium balloons;
  13.   stick a long branch or several ones in a tall vase for a dramatic statement. Decorate the tops of the branches with live flower buds, paper or fabric butterflies, and artificial leaves;
  14.   lay out the chips and logs in the form of a campfire and place the plates with snacks on them;
  15.   if the table is placed against the wall, decorate this wall with balloons with tassels beautifully hanging down;
  16.   serve foods on wooden or glass boards placed on artificial layers of moss;
  17.   hang beautiful Qualatex Swirl Design Deco balloons over the festive table;
  18.   make your table centerpiece functional: a beautiful decorative punch bowl will add focus to your festive table, providing guests with drinks at the same time! As an option, fill the bowl with living flowers: such a fragrant way to create your centerpiece!


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