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How To Avoid These Common Mishaps

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The Circuit Breaker period is almost over! With merely two weeks left, many Singaporeans are prepared to get back to their previous routines. Going back to the “outside world” can bring some irrational and unpleasant fears for us urban-dwellers.

What will happen if you forgot your mask at home? What if you stumbled through an open manhole? Who do you ask for help if you tripped along the stairs? This list compiled some of the most common intrusive thoughts, which run in the minds of many people. You are not alone.


Going back to our “normal” travel route entails that you will encounter rush hour lines at the MRT and bus station. People jostling you when you are trying to stand behind the safety line on the platform is a commuter’s worst nightmare! Not to mention, you may fall onto the gaps. We all need personal space, especially these days. Ride during off-peak hours to avoid situations like these.


With the rise of sensory-operated lift doors, people have embraced faster lifts. However, being caught between the lift doors can be painful and embarrassing. Prevent this from happening by being kind to your co-passengers. Always hold the lift door for someone. You will never know when you will need that favor back!


Few years ago, there was a particular smartphone model that explodes on its own. It was banned in several airlines worldwide. It is one of the top tech scare – having your phone explode while you are using it. Avoid this from happening by putting your gadget in your hand-carry bag. This includes your power banks, laptops, and smartphones. Keep your gadgets from overheating or overcharging.


Singaporean street food has a diverse collection of cuisines. From Roti Prata to Kaya Toast and Ice Cream Sandwich, your tummy will be delighted with many choices. Still, some people worry about buying street food. For people with weak stomachs, check the establishment’s food safety or hygiene rating. An “A” grade means the establishment met 85 percent of the requirements. Be guided accordingly.


One of the quickest ways to travel Singapore from one end to another is by riding the motorcycle. Riding the motorcycle in the front or the back seat can save you time and money. Although, there is a slight chance that you can fall off the vehicle. This is why you must obey the road safety rules and wear proper safety gears at all times.

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We all encounter situations where we’re confronted by our own mortality. And this unpleasant situations can happen at any moment. Do yourself a favor by getting insured. Ease your worries of the future by ensuring your life and your health. You may also build an emergency fund to cushion unforeseen events.

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