Create A Beginner’s Makeup Bag For Under S$100

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With a wide array of makeup products available on the market, it is hard to know what you actually need. Whether you are new to the cosmetics scene or ready to start a new kit, here are some of the essential products that you need to invest on.


1. Foundation

Foundation covers the imperfections of your skin. When choosing the right foundation, you must match the color with your neck and chest. Then, understand your skin type to decide between a powder or a liquid formula. People with dry skin can greatly benefit from liquid foundation or hydrating powder. People with oily skin can will look best with matte foundation or powder products.

2. Blush

The blush’s primary function is to give you a subtle glow or a healthy-looking skin. A hue that generally flatters every complexion is a rose blush containing hints of brown. Apply the blush correctly by smiling and locating the apples of your cheeks. If you are using a powder foundation, it is recommended to use a powder blush. If you are using a liquid foundation, stick with a cream blush.

3. Eye-shadow

Using an eye-shadow palette in a strategic manner can transform your entire look to suit your outfit. Experiment with the range of colors and types (i.e., matte or shimmer). Nude tones such as taupe and brown are universally flattering. While, muted purple and gray tones such as mauve and plum are classically beautiful.

4. Lips

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One of the most sought-after cosmetic products is the lipstick! Red and nude hues enhances your natural shade of pucker. Personally, I prefer Mac’s Russian Red and Twig shades. Selecting a sheer tone of lip product will minimize the chances of a mismatch as your natural pout will shin through.


COMBO #1 (TOTAL: S$84.90)

A. Eyes/Cheeks/Lips/Face – Hydrate, Illuminate, and Glow Kit by Tarte (S$65)
This kit includes a highlighter palette that can double as your eye-shadow, a lip balm for a subtle color, and a setting mist for a 12-hour coverage.

B. Face – Pressed Powder Foundation by L.A. Colors (S$10)

C. Lips/Cheeks – Dear Darling Water Gel Tint by Etude House (S$9.90)

COMBO #2 (TOTAL: S$50.85)

A. Eyes – Matte Eyeshadow by L.A. Colors (S$11.05)

B. Lips/Cheeks – Dear Darling Water Gel Tint by Etude House (S$9.90)

C. Face – Miracle Touch Foundation by Max Factor (S$29.90)

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COMBO #3 (TOTAL: S$64.90)

A. Eyes/Cheeks/Lips – Nudies All Over Face by Nudestix (S$45)
A great tip to help you save money is to splurge on a product that can be used for more than one purpose. This versatile product even includes a brush and a mirror. My favorite shades include “In The Nude” and “Naughty N’ Spice”.

B. Face – Fit Me Matte+Poreless Liquid Foundation by Maybelline (S$19.90)

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