Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas For Adrenaline Junkies In Singapore

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion wherein you get to show your affection and to reconnect with the people you care most for. Whether you are celebrating with your spouse, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your group of friends, your family, or yourself – go on an adventure this Valentine’s Day with this fun activities that cost under S$55…


Aside from riding roller coasters, taking your date on exciting and seemingly dangerous situations can boost the levels of hormones that are mainly responsible for making people fall in love or feel euphoria.

This is why, couples may consider the extreme surge of G-MAX REVERSE BUNGY or GX-5 EXTREME SWING at Clarke Quay. These two rides designed in New Zealand, the home of Bungee, to ensure it is 100% safe. The G-MAX Reverse Bungy catapults you up to 200 km/h in a steel capsule while the GX-5 Xtreme Swing acts like a giant swing that speeds up to 120km/h. What a thrilling experience indeed!

One ride costs about S$45 (different student rate applies)


For all the single people who decide to celebrate together as a powerful group, take on an enjoyable challenge by playing Bubble Soccer. Bubble Bump Singapore offers bubble games where players wear inflatable balls in an attempt to win in a Soccer match. Each suit are harnessed and equipped to make sure your fall will be relatively painless.

One date with your friends can surely bring loads of laughter as you start the full-on bouncing action just to score a goal. A casual fun game including 10 bubble suits, 2 facilitator, equipments, and photography starts with S$15/pax (i.e., 20 people). For more information, visit:


If you cannot leave your kiddos this February 14, try to bring them along on a fun date at a water amusement park. One of Singapore’s largest water theme parks called “Wild Wild Wet“ offers exhilarating rides at inexpensive prices. As Valentine’s Day fall on a Sunday, it follows the peak price of S$24 for adults and S$17 for children and senior citizens. While, toddlers are free to swim all year round! Cheaper prices are in store for NTUC members and Plus! cardholders.

Once you are there, brave the rapids with Ular-Lah, make your way to wacky the crazy turns of The Waterworks, and so much more. Also, you may take part in their online contest (until February 8) to win exclusive Wild Wild Wet prizes!


Being #ForeverAlone on the day of hearts does not give you the free pass to sob on the corner. Instead, try something new and exciting by taking the leap of faith. If you happen to be in Sentosa, do the “ParaJump” attraction including the Jungle Ride for S$19. ParaJump replicates a free-fall parachute jump through its safety harness and experienced staff.

I have to admit…I am fearful of heights but after trying this, I felt a surge of fulfillment and happiness. Beyond the fear, the experience was unforgettable.

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4 Fabulous Beauty And Wellness Activities In Singapore, Under S$55


Experience natural exfoliation of your skin with Kenko’s Fish Spa Therapy. As the fishes remove your feet’s dead skin cells, you will feel a gentle nibbling sensation that may be ticklish for the first two minutes. Afterwards, you will feel a relaxing pulse stimulating as the therapeutic wave sets in. The benefits of this therapy includes: Smoother and healthier skin Promote blood circulation Release stress and tension The 30-minute therapy costs about S$30.

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Kenko Singapore has 7 outlets nationwide, visit: to know the nearest one.


Take on the challenge of getting into the exciting action by learning how to Flowride. On May 23, WAVEHOUSE SENTOSA will conduct a “Girls Learn To Ride” session that is suited for female beginner and intermediate Flowriders who are interested to learn the basics and some new tricks as taught by the in-house female instructors. This Babe-only session costs S$20 for an hour and S$40 for two! 

Image Credits: Lim Ashley via Flickr

Image Credits: Lim Ashley via Flickr

Order your tickets at  wavehousesentosa.comFor others who would rather stay out of the surf, worry not, because there are two beach bars and a pool to keep you refreshed and occupied. 


Book in for a hair blowout at Blow+Bar salon to get a star-worthy makeover. With the “Daily Blowout” you can get double cleanse, scalp massage, conditioning, and a Signature blowout look for S$38-52 depending on your hair length. Kids are welcome to the fun too (i.e., Daily Blowout Kids: S$27)!

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You can choose from different Signature blowout looks including BB Volume, BB Natural, and BB Curls while sipping a glass of wine. Ohh la la indeed!

There are two has 2 Blow+Bar outlets nationwide, visit: to book an appointment.


Enjoy a rejuvenating yoga class at Hom Yoga, Singapore. Hom Yoga is a contemporary boutique yoga studio that offers hot and non-hot classes. Choose from a range of their hot classes such as Hot Hom, Hot Ashtanga, and Hot Flow as taught by internationally trained yoga instructors. What separates Hom Yoga from the most is its minimalist ambience and premier services complete with the staple facilities. Not only is the reception staff courteous but the instructors are friendly too.

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Image Credits: Image Credits:

I suggest you go for their 1-week trial for S$49 to get a feel of all their classes. Otherwise, you can go for a single class for S$40. Hom Yoga has 2 studios nationwide, visit: for more details.