Personal Finance

Don’t Lose Your Fortune On These 4 Techniques That Fraud Artists Use

FRAUDS SCAMMERS PHONIES CON ARTISTS IMPERSONATORS All these people share one mission: to use different techniques in order to acquire your hard-earned money. Here are some of the methods that you must watch out for: 1. FAKE CHECKS Fraud artists employ diverse types of scams in order to get substantial amount of money or to get what they want. One of the most common type of scams is the “fake cheque or check”. Fake check occurs when the artist curates


Travel & Entertainment

4 Ingenious Travel Scams Singaporeans Should Be Aware Of

Do not taint your vacation by becoming a victim of the latest travel scams targeting unsuspecting tourists. From your expensive belongings to your personal safety, the risks of scams are overwhelming. The finest form of protection in these situations is to be forewarned. 1. THE PHOTOGRAPHY SCAM The wonderful backdrop of Bali’s serene sunset deserves to be encapsulated forever through a photograph. As quick as you are, you gathered your group to take a special “jumping shot”. Then one of


Phones & Utilities

Handphone Scams Are Soaring; Here’s What You Must Do

As shopping and payment transactions can be smoothly done through the power of your fingertips, about S$443 billion were spent in 2014’s mobile transactions – all over the world. But while digital wallets increase in popularity, so does the risk of scams. What are handphone or mobile phone scams anyway? Handphone scams involve a variety of dishonest tactics, such as persuading you to buy a non-existent product or making you sign up to expensive subscription services, that are done for