How To Grow Your Nest Against Future Healthcare Costs

Singapore’s public and private hospitals offer some of the world’s most exceptional healthcare services. The only drawback is the rising healthcare costs of about 8-9% each year. Other countries are embracing this upward trend due to the global inflation. The question now is: “How will you save for future healthcare costs?” CREATE A SEPARATE SAVINGS ACCOUNT If you have a trusted financial advisor in your network, discuss about the feasibility of opening a separate savings account for your healthcare costs.


Marriage & Family

You’d Be Surprised At How Much It Costs To Get Pregnant In Singapore

Once you have confirmed that you are pregnant, your mixed emotions will take a while to settle. Then, it is time to prepare for your much-awaited pregnancy. Before you deliver your child, it is vital to determine the costs related to your pregnancy here in Singapore. PRE-NATAL Expecting mothers need to visit the OB/GYNs or gynecologists regularly. As a result, you will have to pay about S$60-75 per visit. But to save more, you may take on the maternity package