Don Don Donki to open 18,000 sqft aviation-themed store at Jewel Changi Airport in 2023; one of the largest outlet in Singapore

The Japanese lifestyle brand will open its biggest store in the Eastern part of Singapore

Easties will now have something to look forward to next year. DON DON DONKI and Jewel Changi Airport Devt. today announced in a press release that a new Don Don Donki store will open in the first store at Jewel Changi Airport. Spanning 18,000 sqft, the Japanese lifestyle brand is slated to be one of its largest store in Singapore and will offer a brand new shopping experience featuring an aviation and travel theme.

Reference image for Jewel’s DON DON DONKI store

Customers can look forward to shopping from its wide selection of the freshest Japanese produce, ready to eat meals, alcohol, cosmetics, household items and more. There will also be a dedicated sake corner furnished with traditional sake barrels and will offer various types of sake to savour from all over Japan. The outlet will also offers ready to eat meals overlooking an open-concept kitchen where diners can feast their eyes on the kitchen action as they enjoy their meals.

Reference image for Jewel’s DON DON DONKI store




Don Don Donki Selling Cherry Blossom Bonsai So You Don't Have To Fly To Japan To See Sakura

Bring home a piece of Japan

Cherry blossom usually bloom between mid-March and early May. If you can’t travel to Japan for the cherry blossom season this year due to the pandemic, why not bring home a miniature cherry blossom bonsai and enjoy the beauty of it at your home?

Don Don Donki has started selling potted Japanese bonsai imported directly from Kyoto, Japan. You can find a variety of bonsai trees including Kyoto Cherry Blossom (京桜), Kyoto Goyo Pine (京五葉松), Kyoto Black Pine (京 黒松) and Kyoto Shinpaku Juniper (京真柏). Price starts from S$450.

There are limited quantities available.

Kyoto Cherry Blossom

Kyoto Black Pine

Kyoto Shinpaku Juniper

Kyoto Goyo Pine

Check them out at the nearest Don Don Donki store now. Note: The Cherry Blossom bonsai is only available at their stores in Orchard Central and HarbourFront Centre.



Don Don Donki selling ready-to-eat chawanmushis from $1.50

You can now enjoy your favourite chawanmushi at home

Hands up if chawanmushi is your favourite dish to order when you dine at a Japanese restaurant. This delicate and smooth egg custard is a classic dish from Japan, and is possibly the best comfort food to have when you are craving for something savoury.

Japanese megastore, Don Don Donki, is now selling ready-to-eat chawanmushis at their chilled food section. They come in individual-packed single serving cups or packs of 4s with price starting from $1.5

You can either eat chilled or warm it with boiling water for 5 minutes before consuming.

Here are some of the chawanmushis that are on sale:

As you can see from the label, this Aratama Scallop Chawamushi is a product of Japan.

There are also other type of chawamushis on sale including this from Matsutake.

You can also grab a pack of 4s from Shikino Kaiseki for $6.00 — which also means you are paying $1.50 for each chawamushi.

Click here to locate the nearest Don Don Donki store.



New Japanese-Flavoured Kit Kats now available at Don Don Donki Singapore

You don’t need to travel to Japan for these special edition Kit Kats 

Drop by the confectionery section of Don Don Donki and discover Kit Kats in assorted flavours including Sake Kit Kat, Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat, Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kat and more.

They are selling for $9.90 to $13.90 per packet.

You can find the nearest Don Don Donki in Singapore here.

Check them out below:

Sake Kit Kat

Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kat

‘Everyday Luxury’ Kit Kat

Kit Kat with almond and cranberries toppings

Strawberry Cheescake Kit Kat

Bonus: Morinaga Hi-Chew at 50% OFF

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Don Don Donki celebrates its opening at Clarke Quay Central with Buy-2-Get-1-Free and other offers from 1 – 4 Aug 2019


Don Don Donki’s 6th store will be officially OPEN to the public! From 1st till 4th August, drop down to their Clarke Quay Central store, B1 and enjoy exclusive promos to celebrate our newest addition.

Don’t miss out here.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, Singapore 059817