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Handling challenging conversations: How to communicate layoffs with empathy

two female coworkers have a serious conversation

Let’s face it: layoffs are never easy. But when done with thought, they can be a little less traumatic for those affected. In this article, we will share some tips on how to handle layoffs more compassionately. We will also provide some resources that might help make the process a little easier for everyone involved. Be prepared for the conversation When you’re preparing to communicate layoffs, remember that the conversation will be tough for both you and your employees. Have


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Boost Your Global Employability With These 3 Major Skills

Increasing your employability by honing your skills is always a good idea, if you are trying to earn more. Having the following skills could improve your chances in the international market… PROGRAMMING (CODING AND SCRIPTING) Whether you refer to it as programming or coding, this skill plays an important part in our modern lives. This skill is in demand worldwide with a foreseeable rise of 5% each year. Equipping yourself with this digital age skill will give you an opportunity