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Get the best bang for your buck on beauty face masks

With face masks being mandatory to wear outdoors, some of us are seeing the negative effects on our skin. Whether it’s skin redness or breakouts, we feel you. Workers in essential services are definitely not having a good time, having to put on face masks for long periods of time. To give your skin a little treat at night, probably you’ve started stocking up on beauty face masks. Or you were sorting out your fridge and found some loots from


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Travel affordably with virtual experiences from the comfort of home

Travel enthusiasts are probably suffering the effects of not being able to travel internationally at the moment. With the ongoing pandemic, no one can predict when planes can take off normally again. However, this doesn’t mean that we simply stop travelling altogether. For those who can’t wait to get out and start seeing the world again, we’ve got you. Take a look at these virtual experiences where you can travel affordably right from the comfort of home. Sure, it won’t


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Budget-Friendly Tips For Singaporean Teens

Saving money as a teenager is challenging, especially when your social media is constantly flooded with #OOTD posts. Online shopping is so tempting! Your peers may influence your spending habits too. It is important to note that while saving money is hard, it is not impossible! WIDEN YOUR KNOWLEDGE They say that knowledge is power. This age-old statement highlights the importance of handling your own money smartly to make less financial mistakes. Educate yourself by purchasing books on financial literacy,



6 Things To Consider Before Panic Buying For Insurance

When the news broke about the Circuit Breaker period and its extension, essential items started flying out of the shelves. The common items hoarded by Singaporeans were face masks, hand sanitizers, instant noodles, and toilet papers. This scenario was played in various parts of the world too. This is why the Government imposed rules regarding purchasing of goods. Panic buying is brewed by fear. Moreover, it may not lead you to strategic results. Beyond expanding their essential supplies, some people


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Keep Yourself Busy With These Brilliant Stay-At-Home Ideas

Not all establishments are opening during Phase 1. This means that many Singaporeans are still working from home. Staying mostly indoors for long periods of time can take a toll on anyone. One way to get rid of the unpleasant feelings you have been having is to keep yourself busy. Here are five stay-at-home ideas that you can explore to spice up your days! #1: BOOST YOUR CHILD’S ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE Increase your child’s grades by using technology to your advantage.