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Budget-Friendly Sources For Plants & Gardening Essentials In Singapore

Nurturing your plants is a great way to temporarily disconnect from the uncertainties of the world. Letting nature fill your space not only improves your mood, but also helps you breathe clean air. If you are looking for places to shop for plants, check out the plant nurseries and online marketplaces on this list. #1: NOAH GARDEN CENTRE If your fondness for online shopping extends to love for plants, I have good news for you! Noah Garden Centre is an


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It’s time to consider having a money date

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Even the strongest couples can experience tension when the topic of money presents itself. Money can bring hidden differences in opinions, priorities, wants, or needs to the surface. Though in all honesty, it can be pretty uncomfortable to talk about it with your partner. However, avoiding the topic altogether will not solve any problems. Money touches every aspect of our lives since we need it for our daily living. We also require cash for well-deserved luxuries such as staycations or


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6 Beautiful Places To Propose In Singapore

If you are popping the question soon, you may be pondering about where it shall take place. May this list help you start planning for the perfect proposal in Singapore. Be honest with your emotions. Your genuine intentions accompanied by the romantic ambiance will make your partner swoon. HENDERSON WAVES BRIDGE People say that love takes you to greater heights. What better way to propose to your loved one than by declaring your love in the highest pedestrian bridge in


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8 ways to fine-tune so you can get into the productivity zone ASAP

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It’s midweek, and you’re dying for the weekend to come. Most of us who clock a 9 to 5 job often face such situations, so you’re definitely not the only one entertaining such thoughts. But it’s also due to such a mindset that we constantly find ourselves loitering out of the productivity zone. This can be a massive problem if you have a work schedule to complete but can’t seem to get your head in the game. We’re here to


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Read this if you find yourself always buying “crap”

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It’s easy to be enticed with non-stop ongoing promotions online. Thanks to the pandemic, more companies are also urgently shifting from brick and mortar to embracing digital means to sustain their business. This means customers like us can view a product instantly and make a purchase within a few taps or clicks. But this also means it’s now easier to shop and buy “crap”. Please don’t get us wrong when we say “crap”. We’re not necessarily referring to a product