Uniqlo celebrates Doraemon’s 50th anniversary with a special edition of Doraemon graphic t-shirts

Uniqlo x Doraemon UT

Doraemon fans should not miss out on Uniqlo’s special launch of Doraemon UT Collection as part of Doraemon’s 50th anniversary!

Our favourite fictional character in the Japanese manga and anime series has brought many smiles to our childhood. You can look forward to graphic t-shirts with designs including popular characters, secret gadgets, and some “Stand by Me Doraemon 2” motifs.

Let’s take a look at what’s available for women, men, and kids.


There are a total of eight designs under the women & men’s collection. They are all priced at S$19.90.



First up, we have a lovely side view of Doraemon with a text that reads:

“A cat-type robot from the 22nd century. Traveled back in time to watch over Nobita.”

This graphic t-shirt has no image at the back. It’s a classic white t-shirt with a simple graphic one can pair with shorts or jeans.



Next, fans who are looking to show their love for Doraemon in a minimalistic way will find this design perfect. The graphic t-shirt in olive green comes with a logo on the left side that reads “ドラえもん”, which is literally Doraemon in Japanese.



And how can we ever give up on black? This is the first design of the two black coloured graphic t-shirts available in the women & men’s collection. This piece features the back view of Doraemon filled with the magical items it’s capable of using.



Taking a test and need a psychological memory boost? This navy blue graphic t-shirt with an 暗記 パン Anki Pan might do the trick.



This is the second design of the two black coloured graphic t-shirts available in the women & men’s collection. Let’s give Doraemon a break and shine some light on the characters in the Doraemon series!



“Stand by Me Doraemon 2” is a follow-up to the 2014 film “Stand by Me Doraemon”. It was originally scheduled to release in Japan on Aug 8 but news has it that it has been postponed indefinitely. We shall be contented with this for now and await the release date!



This graphic t-shirt is also part of the “Stand by Me Doraemon 2” movie. The artwork will probably make more sense when we finally get to watch the film.



We love how this graphic design accurately encaptures Doraemon’s fear of mice. Well, if you have ever experienced getting your ears bitten off by a mouse… that should explain why.


Want to play a match-up with your kids? Uniqlo’s kids’ collection has six designs with all items priced at S$12.90 each.

Some of the designs are strikingly similar to the adults’ collection so you know what to do if you’re planning to twin with your kids for a trip outdoors. Here’s it:



View the full Doraemon UT Collection here.



Uniqlo is giving away free Uniqlo-exclusive Gunpla model kits when you make a min. purchase of the new 40th Anniversary UTs from 7 Aug 20

Celebrating 40 years! A UT collection that looks back on the history of “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM.”

Uniqlo will be launching the new GUNPLA 40th Anniversary UT collection and will be giving away free Uniqlo-exclusive GUNPLA model kits with minimum purchase from 7 August.

Customers may redeem a UT Original Gundam Plastic Model with min. purchase of 2 GUNPLA 40th Anniversary UTs and min. $100 spend online or at selected stores.

Selected stores include:

  • Orchard Central
  • Bugis+
  • JEM
  • Jewel
  • Suntec City
  • VivoCity

You can preview the GUNPLA 40th Anniversary UTs collection below:

Click here for more details.

Terms & Conditions

While stocks last. Limited to 1 redemption per customer transaction for online or in-store purchase. Model design will be given at random. Images are for illustration purposes only. Models include small parts and pellets that could be accidentally swallowed or present a choking hazard. Not intended for children under three years of age.


Uniqlo launches new Sanrio character UTs from $12.90, giving away free iron on patch with min. purchase

NEW Sanrio characters UT Collection at Uniqlo

Uniqlo has launched new Sanrio Character UTs including The Great Gig collection at their stores. Check them out below.

What’s more, get FREE limited edition Pew Pew Patches x Sanrio characters iron on patch with min. purchase!

They are available at both online and all physical stores in Singapore.

If you are shopping online, you can enjoy free shipping for orders above $60.

Click here to shop online now.

Sanrio Character The Great Gig UT Collection








Sanrio Characters UT Collection






Uniqlo is launching new T-shirt collections with Sanrio characters, Ultraman, and more!

UT Collections Featured Banner

There seems to be quite a lot of focus on the kawaii segment of Japanese popular culture recently. For example, just a while back, we wrote about the DIY Hello Kitty chiffon cake popsicles and the My Melody EZ-Link cards. Click through the links if you want to find out more.

Meanwhile, for today’s article, we have another kawaii collection to introduce to you. Well, not really us but Uniqlo! Uniqlo will be launching five UT collections in August including Sanrio characters and we will show you the t-shirt designs in a bit. Other than the cute Sanrio characters, there’s also Evangelion, Gunpla, and Ultraman!


Sanrio Characters

First up, we have Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty. But that’s not it! Aggretsuko, also known as Aggressive Retsuko (Japanese: アグレッシブ烈子), will be joining Kitty White and friends in this collection. If you like edgier designs that are different from the norm, you will appreciate the soon-to-be-launched designs. This is because the collection features rock-and-roll kitty and Aggretsuko singing death metal.

Price: 14.90 SGD

Launch date: Online and in-stores from 3 August

Here’s a look at the designs:

Sanrio Characters T-Shirt

Sanrio Characters T-Shirts


Sanrio Characters Kids

Secondly, alongside the women’s collection is the collection for girls. The highlight of this collection is the slightly retro 1980s design vibes and college-style logo. You will find Hello Kitty and friends in action with sports like tennis, volleyball, skateboarding, and more!

Price: 12.90 SGD

Launch date: Online and in-stores from 3 August

Here are the designs:

Sanrio Characters Kids T-Shirt

Sanrio Characters Kids T-Shirts

There’s also a special deal from 3 – 31 August tagged to this launch. More information here:

Pew Pew Patches



Thirdly, we have Evangelion. Fans, pardon us as we give a little context to our readers. Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese: 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン)  is a Japanese mecha anime television series that first aired in 1995. To celebrate the latest release of its movie series, Uniqlo will be bringing you this special collection. You can expect to see t-shirts with exclusive designs from the movie.

Price: 19.90 SGD

Launch date: Online and in-stores from 3 August

There are a total of eight designs. But we will only feature the first three here:

Evangelion T-shirt 1

Evangelion T-shirt 2

Evangelion T-shirt 3


Gunpla 40th Anniversary

Riding on the Japanese wave, Gunpla is the next collection that will be launching in the first week of August. Gunpla, also commonly referred to as Gundam models, are three-dimensional plastic models that appear in the ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ series. With that said, happy 40th anniversary to Gunpla and its fans!

Price: 19.90 SGD

Launch date: Online and in-stores from 7 August

Let’s take a look at the designs:

Gunpla T-shirts 1

Gunpla T-shirts 2

Gunpla T-shirts 3

Don’t miss out on the free Gunpla promotion:

Gunpla 40th Anniversary Promotion



Who else misses Ultraman? This was a part of my childhood memories so I’m looking forward to this launch in mid-August. Can you believe the first episode started in July 1966? This fictional character and its Ultra series have been running for more than 50 years!

Price: 14.90 SGD (adults) and 12.90 SGD (kids)

Launch date: Online and in-stores from 17 August

For adults:

Ultraman Adults T-Shirts 1

Ultraman Adults T-Shirts 2

Ultraman Adults T-Shirts 3

For kids:

Ultraman Kids T-Shirts 1


Ultraman Kids T-Shirts 2

Ultraman Kids T-Shirt 3

Images are taken from Uniqlo Singapore.


Uniqlo S’pore to launch new Hello Kitty T-Market UT collection on 17 April 20

Arriving online on 17 April: In collaboration with Yuni Yoshida, a popular art director from Japan, the upcoming Hello Kitty T-Market UT collection gives an artistic take on beloved Hello Kitty and her friends.

Preview the collection for women and girls now!

The UT collection will be available online at Uniqlo.com on 17 April 2020. Customers can enjoy free shipping with orders above S$60.

Here’s what you can expect:



Click here to access the Uniqlo’s sale page.

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