Feeling down? Locally-designed colourful Freshly Pressed Socks to your rescue!

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Do you need a little perk-me-up? Then you might need a collection of colourful socks to put on. This is because colours have psychological effects on us. Warm colours like red, orange, and yellow stir up feelings of warmth and comfort. While cool colours like blue, purple, and green induce calmness or even sadness.

With this in mind, we chanced upon a local socks company named Freshly Pressed Socks. We headed straight to their website to shop their range of quirky-designed socks and thought maybe you guys would be interested too.

Having been in the industry for 5.5 years, their brand has won a shout-out from Peter Linz, who performs Ernie on Sesame Street. Furthermore, they have had partnerships with other brands like Grab, UOB, Gamestart Asia, Sole Superior, and Mothercare over the years.

We also love how all of their socks are designed with details that reflect a character and story behind them. We will show you some right away!


Since our nation’s birthday is coming right up in a few days, we shall give their Singapore Series the spotlight. There are 11 designs at the time of writing with all priced at 12 SGD for a pair.


Apparently, their MRT socks are one of the best-sellers among their wide offerings. Here’s how it looks like:

MRT socks


There are also designs of Singapore’s iconic skyline and Supertrees highly raved by visitors.Singapore Skyline Socks

Supertree socks


For the foodies, you might want to get your hands (or rather, feet!) on the kueh tutu, kueh lapis, or iced gem biscuits.

Kueh Tutu socks

Kueh Lapis socks

Iced Gem Biscuits socks

View the rest of the Singapore Series here.


We will show you three familiar characters that are all priced at 12 SGD too.


Fans of the Netflix science fiction horror series, Stranger Things, will adore this design inspired by Eleven. The design features a Demogorgon and the famous Christmas lights used by Joyce in the show.

Eleven Stranger Things socks


Freshly Pressed Socks’ Tintin design features the iconic rocket ship that took Tintin on a mission to the Moon. Feeling down? Let Tintin save your day!

Tintin socks


Popeye is our role model for healthier eating. If you need a reminder to eat your greens, get this pair that features nautical colours with icons of Popeye’s pipe, anchor tattoo, and spinach can.

Popeye socks


We also hopped on to their sale section to see if we can get a few pairs at a discounted price. And it turns out there are quite a few designs worth looking at.


With exceptional superhuman strength, this fictional superhero is the epitome of girl power. The former officer in the United States Air Force will remind you not to ever give up!

Usual Price: 12 SGD

Sale Price: 10.20 SGD

Carol Captain Marvel socks


Pay tribute to everyone’s favourite Sesame Street characters like Bert and Ernie with these no-show socks. They come in a set of two pairs (one pair each with the Bert design and the Ernie design so you can wear them individually or mix them up).

Usual Price: 14 SGD

Sale Price: 9.80 SGD


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Oh yes, Freshly Pressed Socks also has designs for babies and kids. If you think you’re not ready to don colourful socks at this stage, then buy it for the little ones. What’s more, there’s a sale ongoing for the justice squad series! It comes in a pack of four in two sizes.

Usual Price: 24 SGD

Sale Price: 16.80 SGD

Justice Squad socks for children

Visit their website for more designs.

Images are taken from Freshly Pressed Socks.


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I have learned my lesson. I will no longer waste my money on seemingly fashionable yet cheap earphones. I got tired of replacing the ones that I recently bought at an artsy bazaar or a festive market. So, I focused on browsing some premium earphones. It made a huge difference! In fact, my current earphones has been with me for about two years.

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Socks are prevalent in the workplace and school environments. Students and employees regularly change their socks to accompany their trusty shoes. I remember using antimicrobial socks to prevent foot odor during my Physical Education class. You read that right! Socks are essential to protect your feet from odor, blisters, and unwanted microorganisms. This is why you spare no expense in finding a durable pair.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

Image Credits: pixabay.com

With an article of clothing that you must wear everyday, ensure that you are comfortable throughout the day. Opt for thin socks to provide you cushion and style. While thick wool socks shall provide you the warmth and longevity.

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