Millennial travellers, you will never travel without this again.

Going by the 4Cs – Convenience, Cost, Customer Service and Companion, Changi Recommends is doing everything for you to make planning your travels less of a stress. With the ChangiWiFi, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to rent a portable WiFi router before embarking on your trip. Here’s why. CONVENIENCE More collection points in Changi Airport. Changi Recommends has increased the number of collection points for your collecting and returning your ChangiWiFi routers, from four to 11 booths!


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Changi Recommends: No Bill Shock – Only Convenience And Savings When You Book With ChangiWiFi.

Being connected while you travel is an essential nowadays. How else do we search for directions to that hyped café, museum, or that amazing rooftop view? Although there are many alternatives for data coverage in the market, it is also important to select the most cost effective option, and therefore, we recommend ChangiWiFi for your travels, a Wi-Fi router service which covers more than 70 well-travelled countries, with packages for multiple countries as well. ChangiWiFi’s service started back in 2015