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For many years, Microsoft has been leading in terms of technological innovations and solutions in the information technology industry. This corporation is one of the largest software providers in the world. Besides its brilliant ware, Microsoft offers industry-standard certifications to help IT professionals accomplish their dreams and get own skills validated on mastering various computer features and components.

Considering this, high-tech credentials offered by Microsoft are extremely valuable in the field of IT by demonstrating professionals’ commitment to constant knowledge upgrading.

About 70-764 Exam

Here, 70-764 exam is designed for upper-level database specialists engaged in installing, configuring, and maintaining of SQL Database Infrastructure. Contenders should also be proficient in performing tasks such as establishing database systems, ensuring their effective operation and regular storage, guaranteeing systems from fraudulent access.

Moreover, this exam stands also for the first requirement for the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration credential. However, one will also be required to pass the second one, 70-765 test in order to attain the craved badge.


Main topics covered in 70-764 exam include the following:

  • Configuration of data access and auditing
  • Management of high availability, together with disaster recovery
  • Management of databases backup and restoration
  • Monitoring and administering of SQL Server instances

More, the number of questions in 70-764 exam ranges from 40 to 60 with a passing score of 70%. The type of items to be tackled in the assessment may vary but these often include drag and drop, multiple-choice, short answer, and active screen. Eventually, the time allocated for the test equates to two hours, while the 70-764 exam’s price stays constant at $165.

Why Choosing Exam-Labs?
Upon registering for an exam, the next thing of utmost importance is proper preparation. Usually, candidates would face a problem of locating the best prep materials for the first of MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration-leading assessments.

However, don’t miss the chance and take a look at a platform that has made a great effort of providing valid and reliable materials to get ready for solid Microsoft tests, among other prosperous vendors to choose from like Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle, and EC-Council, to name a few.

So, the best producer of training materials is Exam-Labs, but why? Below you will observe the key reasons why you should choose the Exam-Labs website as your #1 provider for the prep materials.

  1. Firstly, the platform is widely known as the home of the ultimate instructor-led video courses covering all exam objectives and topics. Candidates who are preparing for serious certification exams usually consider taking instructor-led video courses from Exam-Labs because these include demonstrations and illustrations that depict the actual concepts. Therefore, a deeper understanding of the test will be gained, assisting you in answering various questions to be tested.
  2. Secondly, you will get an opportunity of getting familiar with the most recent updates when it comes to IT certifications and exams. This is thanks to Exam-Labs’ rich blog which is full of enriching educative articles that enable applicants being knowledgeable about the IT field developments, and hence, always stay at the forefront and professionally adapt to emerging changes. By the way, Microsoft is currently in the process of changing its certification policy in order to make IT experts even more productive. With Exam-Labs and its training, you will never be left behind!
  3. Thirdly, Exam-Labs offers its users the best community platform. It is always important for aiming candidates to have a site to interact and share ideas with their peers. This spot is so beneficial by proposing a privilege of sharing prep materials with fellow candidates without incurring any cost. As a result, applicants are getting access to numerous materials that cover 70-764 exam objectives and key concepts. Therefore, Exam-Labs is not only a platform to purchase qualitative exam dumps like inside all-under-one-roof 70-764 Premium Bundle, but also a virtual place for interaction and solving real-world problems.

Exam Dumps from Exam-Labs

One more core website’s aspect is represented by exam dumps. These are important tools for candidates preparing for certification exams, yet, acting as a final stage of preparation after the solid all-inclusive studying. These files, also called exam dumps, encompass questions and their respective answers stuffed with explanations.


It surely means that pretenders to ace 70-764 test are recommended to utilize exam dumps from genuine platforms like Exam-Labs. This comprehensive site offers extremely useful 70-764 questions and answers that are designed and vetted by specialists and, thus, empower you to be confident in discovering own exam strengths and weaknesses. Try to utilize as many relevant dumps as possible to increase your chances of attaining the passing score in the 70-764 exam.

Finally, exam dumps accessible on Exam-Labs are easily opened through the perfect VCE Software that you can use in your preparation for 70-764 exam. It is the qualitative test simulation software allowing striving IT specialists to create, edit and take an exam in a way that is similar to the real exam environment. Additionally, you can analyze own results because the tool proposes the possibility of printing the scoresheet.

Associated Career Prospects

  • Database Designer
  • Database Developer
  • Software Engineer

Get also great motivation to earn the Microsoft credential in terms of wages as, according to the latest salary survey by PayScale.com, MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration specialists earn annually $97,000, and more.

Bottom Line

The journey to boost your IT career starts with a certification. With this thought, the Microsoft 70-764 exam is allowing you to sharpen both the skills and knowledge in your associate-level area of expertise, in particular, in SQL 2016 Database Administration. Take a breath and accomplish your plan of becoming one of the best professionals with this perfect badge preparation enriched by exam dumps. Fair winds to you!


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